Beauty Secret: 10 Health Benefits of Carrot Powder for the Skin

Carrot is known to contain more carotene than any vegetable or fruit in which the body converts to vitamin A. They are additionally viewed as quite possibly one of the most healthy and useful food sources accessible today. In such a manner, carrot powder, a supplement, can assume a significant role in the wellbeing and […]

6 Useful Health Benefits of Carrots for Toddlers

There are many benefits of carrots for toddlers. As you may notice in the health benefits of carrot juice, these orange vegetables contain various nutrients that can support their growth. Besides being useful, carrots are also easily processed into a variety of food menus. The various benefits of carrots for babies are thanks to their […]

Get to Know 8 Health Benefits of Dried Carrots

Carrots are considered root vegetables. They were first developed in Afghanistan around 900 AD. Orange might be their most popular color, yet they likewise come in different colors including purple, red, yellow, and white. Early carrots were purple or yellow. Meanwhile, orange carrots were developed in Central Europe around the fifteenth or sixteenth century. This […]

8 Incredibly Health Benefits of Carrot for Dogs

All of carrot or Daucus Carota is very recommended vegetable that make your body healthy or you can read health benefits of carrot leaves. It is no wonder because this vegetable contains much of nutrients the body need. You can consume it in cooked foods like soup, juice, salad and others or you can read […]

15 Health Benefits of Carrot Leaves #No. 13 is Unbelievable

Carrot leaves, contrary to what most people believe, are actually edible. We can easily find carrot greens, another name for carrot leaves, atop of carrot plants. Carrot leaves are easily identified by their lacy and feathery shapes, with jagged sides. They taste somewhat in the mix of bitter and sweet, with grassy texture as well […]

Is Carrot Good For Diabetic Patient ?

Carrots are one of many source of beta-carotene, which is the main ingredient is forming vitamin A in the body, because it implies reached up to 7,000 micrograms. Carrot energy levels are relatively low so it’s good for people who are in low-calorie diet. Chemical constituents in the form of carrot’s root contains alkaloids,  essential […]

11 Proven Health Benefits of Carrot during Pregnancy

Carrot is a root vegetable that is often used in various cuisines. The sweet taste and its attractive color in orange make this vegetable is very tasty to eat. Besides its vitamin A contained which is good for eyes health, carrot contains also various vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B, […]

72 Incredible Carrot Juice Benefits Based on Its Nutrition

What do you think about juice? That’s right. Juice is easiest way in enjoying vegetables. There are different types of vegetables that can be used as a juice. One of them is carrot juice, a juice made with carrots as the main material. Technological inventions to make juice using a juicer with a twin gear and […]