12 Jaw-Dropping Health Benefits of Dates with Honey

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Dates is a one of the unique fruit that came form Middle East. Dates is one species from the palm family, and its sweet fruit is widely known nowadays. This fruit has lots of good benefit for our body, since its sweet flavor help us to gain our strength back.

But do you ever heard what will happened if you combined this wonderful fruit with one of the oldest food in the world? Yes, dates and honey combined together will give you a great booster and cherish your day with its sweetness as well! Before you read these amazing benefits of dates and honey, you can check health benefits of honey and health benefits of dates.

Here are 12 jaw-dropping health benefits of dates with honey, check them out!

What is Dates and Honey?

Dates is one of the species from palm family, originating from Iraq. But nowadays you can find the trees almost all across the Middle East, even some hot and humid part of Asia. The oldest dates ever found has aged around 50 million years ago, so it means that this fruit already existed since the dinosaur era. Dates has been analyzed by the scientists and food experts, and they found that this sweet fruit is one of the healthiest food in the world.

Meanwhile, honey is one of the oldest food in the world, also has lots of benefits for us. As we can see everyday in our daily lives, we can find lots of honey-based food around. Honey is produced by various species of bee colonies, but the best honey ever produced came from the honey bees. One fun fact about this substance is, this substance wont get spoiled as long as it’s sealed in a jar, even after thousands of years!

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So what will happened if we combined this amazing fruit and substance all at once? Here are the benefits, explained below!

What are the good sides of dates with honey?

Scientists found that dates and honey will give some health benefits if combined together, and here are the benefits:

  1. Prevents cell damages
    When combined together, dates and honey will produce great amount of antioxidants, which will help our body to prevent any cell damages. With antioxidants, you will feel refreshed and your skin will also glow beautifully!
  2. Reduces blood pressure
    For those who have issues with hypertension, this combo is just the perfect healer for you. Dates and honey will work together to reduce the blood pressure, also reduces the risk of stroke. Other shocking advantages, it will boosts your brain health as well!
  3. Cure allergies
    One of the unique element contained in this mix is organic sulfur, which is an uncommon element that used to be inside a food. This organic sulfur helps us to cure any allergies that we have inside our body.
  4. Natural weight gain
    As for you who need to gain some weight, consuming this mixture regularly will make you gain some weight significantly, in a healthy way!
  5. Energy booster
    As explained briefly before, the great amount of glucose contained in this mixture will boost your energy in no time. For athletes, this mixture is one of the best booster in the middle of practice or game! 
  6. Prevents night blindness
    Researchers discovered that when consumed regularly, this mixture will prevents us from night blindness. This kind of discovery actually has been used back then, but the researches validates it through their discovery.
  7. Prevents abdominal cancer
    For those who carries the genetics of abdominal cancer or fighting against it right now, this mixture is one of the good alternative for you. The ability to reduce the risk or the impact of abdominal cancer has tested and proved useful for anyone from children to adults. You may also read about Health Benefits of Red Date Tea
  8. Reduces side effects of radiation therapy
    This mixture is also beneficial for those who are working with their chemo session or any radiation therapy sessions. But its use still need some advice from your doctor.
  9. Strengthen bones
    As the dates itself contains great amount of minerals, this mixture will help you to strengthen you bones. And for those who fighting off osteoporosis, this mixture is one of great alternative to cure it!
  10. Relieves constipation
    Dates contains good amount of fiber, and consuming it with honey will help solving your problem with constipation naturally. Consume this regularly will make you say your goodbye to constipation in no time!
  11. Treats intestinal disorders
    This mixture will help you solve the abdominal cancer, and also treat any intestinal disorders. This mixture helps your body to produce friendly bacteria needed inside your intestine, and will help your intestine dissolve the food better. You may also read about Health Benefits of Honey in Ayurveda
  12. Maintains nervous health system
    The amount of potassium in this mixture helps our body to maintain the health of nervous system. The vitamins contained in this mixture will improves the speed and alertness of our brain, and improves our memorizing ability as well.

Thus, that’s all health benefits of dates with honey.

What are the bad sides of dates with honey?

Until now, there are no prove of bad side effects regarding this mixture. However, for those who have diabetes are not recommended to consume this mixture. Since it contains high amount of glucose, it will make your disease worse. Also for those who have low blood pressure are not recommended to consume this mixture, since it will make your blood pressure goes even lower.

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What is the recommendation intake for dates with honey?

As for children, it’s better to give two tablespoons daily at max. The amount of glucose might be risky for children if it consumed too much. And for adults, it’s three tablespoons at max for a day. These doses are the regular one, but it’s best to consult with your doctor to gain the optimum result.

So those was 12 jaw-dropping health benefits of dates with honey, beside its good side effects please do pay attention to some bad side effects as well, especially for those who have problems with high amount of glucose. Hope this information helpful for you!