Check These 9 Benefits of Longan Red Date Tea During Menstruation

Menstruation (also known as period in today’s languages), is an annual cycle of mucosal tissue and blood release from uterus in the vagina. During this period, women may feel a bit uncomfortable and need extra care. Women also have to change pad regularly to prevent irrititation and infection. Overall, there are some safety measures that […]

7 Interesting Benefits of Longan and Red Dates Tea for Health and Weight Loss

Thanks to science and technology, these days tea can be consumed in many flavors. Most bottled and canned tea products come with different tastes. Some of the flavors are honey, milk, and fruit. Fruit-flavored tea, for most of the part, has sweet and slightly bitter taste, depend on what kind of fruit is used as […]

7 Essential Benefits of Longan Fruit for Pregnancy (Moms Should Know)

During pregnancy, it is very recommended to watch your diet. For this reason, there are so many articles about what kind of foods you should consume during pregnancy. One of the health foods best consumed during this period is fruits. Do not blindly consume any kind of fruits either, because some fruits are actually harmful […]

20 Verified Health Benefits of Longan (No.6 Insane)

Longan or dragon eye is one of the exotic fruit which is rich of certain nutrients, delicious and of course beneficial for human health. It is a lychee like fruit with taste which is also similar, delicious, sweet and fresh but the size is a bit smaller if compared to lychee. Longan has been well […]