12 Super Benefits of Black Raspberry Powder for Cancer Treatments

Some people have thoughts of the benefits of black raspberry powder for cancer treatments. However, this is apparently not only myth or theories. There is a research that has been prove the capability of this fruit as one of the method to inhibit various kind of cancer, including esophageal, colon, breast and including skin cancer. […]

6 Health Benefits of Farting – Why You Should Just Let it Out!

“Ugh, were you farted?”, “disgusting”, “OMG its smells so bad!”; that’s probably the usual reaction you get when you fart in the presence of others, whether it is voluntary or involuntary. Though we all know farting is something natural and something that everyone experiences, Farting, especially on that’s done in public can be embarrassing and […]

10 Health Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Cancer

Most of us are familiar with the benefits of papaya fruit, which contains high amounts of antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals as well as fibre to control appetite and promote a healthy digestion, but not all of us are close with its leaves. Just like its name suggests, papaya leaves are the leaves of the […]

10 Effective Benefits of Cabbage for Breasts Health

Besides being a completely healthy food, cabbage have a plenty of wonderful benefits for the body. Cabbage have also always been used to cure arthritis, constipation, scabies, ulcer, and other diseases that are caused by the lack of vitamin C because cabbage happens to be one of the vegetables that contains a high concentration of […]

20 Health Benefits of Essiac Tea (#1 Anticancer Herbal)

When it comes to tea as a medicinal property, the first thing come to your mind might be the Japanese green tea with its health benefits Health Benefits of Japanese Green Tea, the oolong tea which is famous in Taiwan and China with Health Benefits of Formosa Oolong Tea , or the tea used in […]

7 Unexpected Benefits of Budwig Diet for Cancer

Have you ever heard of the Budwig diet? It is known that this method is kind of protocol to give the health medication and treatments found in the 1950s by Dr. Budwig. It is kind of protocol that set the lifestyle and the food consumption to treat certain health problems including heart diseases, diabetes, and […]

Top 12 List of Medicinal Plants Used for Cancer Treatment

Most people thought cancer is some kinds of inherited disease which is a children whose parents were diagnosed with cancer is likely to have higher risk to same disease. Well, that is not quite true but the risk is still higher though it is not inherited. So, how that could possibly happen? It is because […]

15 Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients That Will Astonish You

Learning yoga has many benefits. Besides helping us to deal with stress and anxiety, who knows that yoga actually useful for cancer treatment. This is not a theory but it is a fact. Many testimonies come from cancer patient that yoga is a guard- safer for them. The Secret behind this is the healing power […]

7 Science-Based Benefits of Soursop for Cancer Treatments

Up until now, cancer has been one of the most lethal diseases whose cure hasn’t been found. The rates of death caused by cancer is one of the highest rates of death ever in the whole wide world.  Sure, there is a chemotherapy to help eradicate the cancerous cells, but chemotherapy has a lot of […]

16 Benefits of Pomegranate for Cancer as Natural Prevention

At the present time, cancer is listed as one of the deadliest disease in the world. And the best medicine to cure this disease is not yet exactly found. Therefore, many research giving their best effort on finding the medical solution for it. Whether to prevent the cancer, or even to cure the cancer patients. […]