12 Super Benefits of Black Raspberry Powder for Cancer Treatments

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Some people have thoughts of the benefits of black raspberry powder for cancer treatments. However, this is apparently not only myth or theories. There is a research that has been prove the capability of this fruit as one of the method to inhibit various kind of cancer, including esophageal, colon, breast and including skin cancer.

Black raspberry comes from the perennial plants that lives in specific countries. It only able to loves in North America and with other species grow in Korea. This make the availability of the black raspberry fruit is quite rare and difficult to get. Even the efforts to cultivate this plant is not bring many result.

While the medical world start to admit that the fruits has potential benefit to treat the cancer. Start from slowing the growth of the cancer up to reducing the DNA damage in cancer patient. Therefore, the demand of this fruit is currently highly increased to deal with the needs of obtain more ways to help the cancer patient with the fruits.

The black raspberry powder comes from the extract of dried smashed or grind black raspberry fruit. Currently, there are several products that provide this powder in America. Furthermore, it is exported to other countries too. Therefore, to get the powder is quite easy and simple. It is mostly provided in imported drug store that widely spread around the world. To consume this powder also not difficult. It mostly consume as a shake that mix with water and can be drink as a snack replacement.

Nutrient Content of Black Raspberry Powder

In each 100gr of black raspberry powder, it contain numerous beneficial vitamins and minerals. Mostly it contain Ellagic Acid and Anthocyanin that works to protect the body from cancer possibility. Furthermore, it is also exactly contain below nutrient:

  • 72 Cal of calories
  • 17gr of carbohydrates
  • 5gr of sugar
  • 1.7gr of fiber
  • 1gr of fat
  • 1.4gr of protein
  • 1.4mg of iron
  • 0.5mg of calcium
  • 0.5mg of vitamin A
  • 1mg of vitamin C

For further benefits of black raspberry powder for cancer treatment see below lists of points:

1. Anti-Oxidant

The black raspberry powder can help to act as an anti-oxidant. The same way as many other berry fruits. However, it is find that the anti-oxidant content of this fruit is bigger than in other berry fruits. This is the same health benefits of farro that can help to act as an anti-oxidant too.

2. Avoid Free Radical Effects

As this powder able to act as an anti-oxidant, it also able to avoid the free radical effects that mainly happen due to the environmental pollutant. Furthermore, it able to avoid the negative effect of the UV light that can reduce the risk of getting any skin cancer.

3. Reduce Cancer Spread

Further benefit of consuming the powder including to act as a chemo preventive compounds. This capability will help to reduce the possibility of cancer spread. Therefore, it can help to avoid worst cancer growth in the other parts of the body. This is the same benefits of soursop for cancer that can help to reduce the cancer spread too.

4. Anti-Inflammation

Other benefits including to act as an anti-inflammation. Therefore, it can help to manage a better wellness of cancer patient and avoid further inflammation. It will soothe the pain and also help reduce any swollen.

5. Slow Down Cancer Growth

The powder also useful to help slowing down the cancer growth. It works by cut off the nutrient supply for the cancer cell. Therefore, it will naturally eliminated and grow slower. This is the same health benefits essiac tea that can slow down the cancer grow too.

6. Reduce DNA damage

Another benefits of black raspberry powder for cancer treatments including to reduce the possibility of DNA damage. Therefore, it will lead to a better cell condition. 

7. Lead To Cancer Cell Suicide

The fruit able to produce an agent called polyphenols that works to lead the cancer cell to suicide. This is the same health benefits of papaya leaves for cancer that help to eliminate the cancer cell too.

8. Cell Regeneration

Further benefit of consume the powder also to help with fasten cell regeneration. Therefore, I can help the broken cell to get fasten relieve and lead to a better body health.

9. Detoxification

Black raspberry powder is a natural treatment to perform body detoxification. It helps to flush out all the unwanted toxin from the body. Therefore, it can be a good way to make sure the body away from cancer possibility. This is the same health benefits of sorghum leaves that also works to detox the body too.

10. Increase Immunity

Consume the powder can lead to a better body immune system. Through the increasing immunity, it will help the cancer patient to keep healthy and strong enough to fight the cancer diseases. 

11. Healthy Skin

Black raspberry powder can also bring a better healthy skin. Furthermore, it helps to avoid skin inflammation and the UV effects of producing skin cancer.

12. Better Wellness

Other benefits of consume the powder including to create a better body wellness. Therefore, the cancer patient can keep improving their health and stay strong to fight against the diseases.

Cautions and Recommendation of Black Raspberry Powder

Even the powder can help to bring various benefits, mainly to deal with the cancer possibility, there is several things that needs to consider. Therefore, it is better to see below recommendation when plan to consume the powder in a daily basis:

  1. People with allergically condition shall avoid consume this powder if experience itchiness, redness skin or swollen area of the body parts.
  2. Anyone who still getting any medical treatment shall consult the doctor before consume the black raspberry powder to avoid any interference with the medical prescription.
  3. In case having any sign of dizziness and nausea, it is suggested to stop the consumption of the powder.

Those all the benefits of black raspberry powder for cancer treatments that needs to be evaluated more. Even currently some research show a good result, there is not enough evidence to make this powder as an official cancer treatment. Perhaps someday a further invention on this powder can be found and this powder can be the main natural cancer treatment that works to reduce the number of cancer patients.