13 Health Benefits of Beets for Skin Care and How to Use it

Beets or beetroots is a very well known plant that’s been widely used even since pre-historic era. It was famous for its many benefits for medical purpose. The part of the beet plant that’s widely used is its roots, hence it’s named as beetroots. Beets has a very distinct color. It’s a deep red wih […]

12 Health Benefits of Almond Oil For Hair and How to Use it

There are many Benefits of Almond Oil for Health and Beauty, both when it’s rawly used or when it’s processed. Almond has a scientific name Amygdalus communis, and widely cultivated in Middle East and Southeast Asia. Almonds are commonly group as nuts, but actually, it belongs to the drupe group, drupe refers to a fruit […]

19 Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin Care and How to Use It

Castor Oil s a kind of vegetable oil extracted from castrol oil plant or Ricinus communis. The plant itself is named Castor Oil because the plant has since long been used to be extracted in order to get the oil.  The oil itself is colorless or very pale yellow and there are many Benefits of Castor […]

18 Health Benefits of Nance Fruit You Never Expect

Nance Fruit or Byrsonima crassifola is an exotic fruit that has many health benefits. This fruit might not be that popular. Since it is only cultivated mostly in Mexico and across South America. It can only be cultivated in late summer until early fall. This fruit is very small, the diameter is only 1 to […]

14 Health Benefits of Physalis That Scientists Just Discovered

Have you heard of Physalis fruits? Physalis Fruit or more popularly called as groundcherry, belongs to the Physalis genus. Its scientific name is Physalis Peruviana. It’s indigenous to South America, especially in Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador. Not many people know that this fruit is actually beneficial for our health. It is rich of polyphenolic […]

14 Health Benefits of Listening to Your Favorite Song

Who doesn’t love music? Everyone loves music, as music knows no age. Some even might not be able to go on their day without listening to music. Music is very essential to human’s lives, as it is practically well incorporated into almost every activity that humans do. Starting from rituals, religious practices, work, recreational activity, […]

14 Proven Health Benefits of Cloudberry That No One Knows

There are many health benefits of Cloudberry, even though it might not be as popular as its other berry cousins. For example, there are many Health Benefits of Huckleberry.  It is not as popular because it’s not widely exported. Since not many countries cultivate this kind of berry. Cloudberry is a close relative to Strawberry, Cherry, […]

9 Health Benefits of Drinking Chocolate In the Morning

Hot Chocolate is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is loved by people of all ages. Because we can drink it at any time with any kinds of food. But not many people know that drinking hot chocolate in the morning brings so many health benefits. It can be a great […]

7 Science-Based Benefits of Soursop for Cancer Treatments

Up until now, cancer has been one of the most lethal diseases whose cure hasn’t been found. The rates of death caused by cancer is one of the highest rates of death ever in the whole wide world.  Sure, there is a chemotherapy to help eradicate the cancerous cells, but chemotherapy has a lot of […]

16 Health Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper Vessel

There are many health benefits of drinking water from copper vessel is said according to Ayurveda. Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest holistic healing system based in India. Storing water in copper vessels overnight believed to be beneficial for our health. There are many studies who support that theory. Many scientists have […]