10 Effective Benefits of Cabbage for Breasts Health

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Besides being a completely healthy food, cabbage have a plenty of wonderful benefits for the body. Cabbage have also always been used to cure arthritis, constipation, scabies, ulcer, and other diseases that are caused by the lack of vitamin C because cabbage happens to be one of the vegetables that contains a high concentration of this vitamin.

Consuming cabbage is very good to improve our health such as to cure wounds and damaged tissue, control the nerve and digestion system, as well as to maintain weight to stay stable. Besides that, cabbage also turns out to have a lot of benefits for the breasts especially when consumed by women who just gave births. To know the benefits of cabbage for breasts health, we are going to explain further.

  1. Resolve the Pain when Breastfeeding

When breastfeeding, women would usually feel uncomfortable and painful since the breasts would swell and grow bigger. This can happen anytime but mostly happen few first days or weeks of the breastfeeding or after it’s done. After gave birth, the body will produce breastmilk for the baby’s food and cabbage have always been used to decrease the pain on the breasts since it can soothe the breasts’ muscles during the breastfeed period.

  1. Contain Antioxidant

Cabbage contains sinigrin and glucosinolates which are natural components. These two substances will release antioxidants to relieve the pain that happens around your breasts area. The antioxidants are also one of the sources for the health benefits of black tea.

  1. Overcome Swollen Breasts

Other benefit of cabbage for the breasts is that it can overcome the breasts that are swelling. The proper way to do it is by ground the cabbage using blender then rub the grounded cabbage on the breasts for thirty minutes and repeat it every 4 to 6 hours so the swelling can lessen.

  1. Overcome Fibrocystic

The major symptom of fibrocystic is the appearance of lumps on the breasts that can cause uncomfortable feeling and will be painful when touched. In this case, the vitamin E inside cabbage is very good to control the growth of the breasts as well as to overcome the symptoms of the fibrocystic. Read here for information regarding health benefits of coffee and its correlation with fibrocystic.

  1. Control Estrogen Hormone

One of the hormones that exists on breasts is the estrogen that can cause cells proliferations who forms gland system on them. The vitamin E content in cabbage then will be very good to control the cells in breasts on responding to the estrogen hormone which effects the well growth of breasts.

  1. Prevent Breast Cancer

Cabbage also contains vitamin A in it that is beta carotene which is a very good solution for breast cancer. Beta carotene is also very effective to prevent breast cancer. Besides that, the contents of vitamin C and E inside cabbage will result in a synergy combination that can kill breast cancer cells. Here is some further information on how to prevent cancers

  1. Increase Immune System

The vitamin E inside of cabbage is a great source to prevent cancer by destroying the free radicals. This is good to decrease the symptoms of PMS and fibrocystic diseases that are caused by over-producing of prolactin.

  1. Control the Balance of Progesterone and Estrogen

Cabbage is also very good to control the balance of progesterone and estrogen, thus breasts cyst can be prevented as well as minimalizing the symptoms that can appear because of the breasts cyst itself.

  1. Increase the Growth of Breasts Tissue

Cabbage also contains folic acid in it that is very important to increase the growth of new breats tissue and prevent breasts cyst as well as maintaining the estrogen level that can cause breast cancer. You can also try the health benefits of fennel seed that is also good for preventing breast cancer.

  1. Deactivate Breast Cancer Enzymes

Resveratrol is a polyphenols antioxidant non flavonoid that’s contained inside cabbage in a small level. Resveratrol is an important substance to prevent breast cancer thus it’ll be very good to be consumed by women. It should be noted that the content can also take care of exhaustion. You can dig further down the list medicinal plants used cancer treatment to seek information on ways to prevent or cure cancers.

Now we know that the health benefits of cabbage are good for many diseases but can be specifically good for the breasts health especially for women who just gave birth or in the breastfeeding period. We recommend you to consume cabbage routinely in order to gain the maximal benefits of the vegetable.