20 Health Benefits of Essiac Tea (#1 Anticancer Herbal)

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When it comes to tea as a medicinal property, the first thing come to your mind might be the Japanese green tea with its health benefits Health Benefits of Japanese Green Tea, the oolong tea which is famous in Taiwan and China with Health Benefits of Formosa Oolong Tea , or the tea used in Indian Ayurveda medicinal method, tulsi tea with the Health Benefits of Tulsi Tea.

To sum up, most of us acknowledge the health benefits of tea as the medicinal secret from Asia. However, have you heard the health benefits of essiac tea? People are talking about the health benefits of Essiac tea as powerful cancer terminator. But the surprising thing is that Essiac tea is not the Asian tea we have familiar with. The tea is formulated in Canada by Canadian people.

Supplement Fact of Essiac Tea

The name Essiac comes from the person who formulated the tea, Caisse. In 1920, Rene Caisse who was a nurse cancer formulated a tea which was intended to be a powerful medicinal property for cancer. The tea composed by some natural ingredients such Burdock root, Sheep sorrel, Slippery elm, and Rhubarb root which is known to own excellent antioxidants and anti-cancer property. The combination is able to provide us with the following value:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Beta-carotene
  • Tannins
  • Selenium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Sodium

The Health Benefits of Essiac Tea

  1. Fight cancer

Essiac tea is formulated specifically as a natural treatment for cancer based on the experience of knowledge of the formulator, Caisse who was a nurse cancer. She combined the natural ingredients which are beneficial for cancer treatment as mentioned above. All of the ingredients are known to be high in antioxidants.

As we know, antioxidants are the armor for free radicals attack which leads to the growth of cancer. Some doctors in Los Angeles also confess that the consumption of Essiac tea in cancer patients has proven to expand the life of the patient. However, the use is limited to the supplemental consumption, not as a replacement for conventional cancer treatment.

  1. Anti-inflammatory property

Inflammation is also a health condition which aids the growth of cancer cell. In this case, Essiac tea is able to offer you the ability as anti-inflammatory agent which actively reduces the inflammation related to cancer. The health benefits of Essiac tea as anti-inflammatory agents can also be related to the ability of Essiac tea to reduce pain which is caused by inflammation in any part of the body.

  1. Treat sinusitis

As mentioned before, Essiac tea is good to reduce inflammation. The ability support the treatment of sinusitis as Essiac tea is able to reduce inflammation while relieving the pain which accompanies sinusitis one of the ingredients of Essiac tea, sheep sorrel is also known to be powerful in decreasing mucus production which will stop the reoccurrence of sinusitis.

  1. Detoxifier

Just like the other teas such Health Benefits of Hyssop Tea which own the detoxifying property, Essiac is also an excellent detoxifier.

The health benefits of Essiac in detoxifying the body is credited to the burdock root which is an excellent blood purifier, rejecting wastes and toxins from the blood excellently. In addition, the rhubarb root is also able to take a role as laxative agent which aid the process of waste excretion.

  1. Improve immune system

The ability of Essiac tea in improving the immune system is contributed by the herbs composing Essiac tea which own high level of antioxidant.

Antioxidants are needed to combat the attack from the outside of the body. Added with the detoxifying property of Essiac tea, make sure the waste, toxins, and all the unwanted material quickly discharged from the body before further treating the health.

  1. Cope digestive problem

Essiac tea is very good to maintain healthy digestion. It is possible since the slippery elm, one of the ingredients of Essiac tea, is very excellent in protecting the digestive track. Slippery elm contains a substance which is turned into smooth gel when consumed.

The gel then forms a thin covering protection for mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines. This way, Essiac protect the digestive track from diseases.

  1. Relieve constipation

The high fiber content in Essiac tea is able to maintain bowel movement. So, the laxative property in the herbs from Essiac tea is able to prevent and relieve constipation by the regular consumption of the tea. this benefit is also owned by Health Benefits of Apple And Cinnamon Tea.

  1. Good for heart

One of the health benefits of Essiac tea is the ability of the tea in maintaining healthy heart. It is possible since Essiac tea is able to lower blood pressure while reduce the cholesterol level. thanks to the four main components of Essiac tea. This way, the regular consumption of Essiac tea is able to aid the heart health by preventing heart diseases such coronary heart.

The other health benefits of Essiac tea are:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Maintain good skin health
  3. Strengthen bones
  4. Lowering blood pressure
  5. Promotes liver health
  6. Recharge energy
  7. Control blood sugar
  8. Loosen respiratory canal
  9. Treat arthritis
  10. Prevent degenerative diseases
  11. Promotes nervous system
  12. Improve brain functioning

Precautions in Consuming Essiac Tea

Aside from the health benefits of Essiac tea, there are some precautions we need to consider. The one we need to underline that the health benefits of Essiac tea doesn’t supported by many clinical study. Most of the benefits are concluded through empirical experience through the years.

Therefore, it is better to use Essiac tea for supplemental need, instead of main medicinal property for the diseases including cancer. Well, it is true that Essiac is loaded with antioxidants and anti-cancer property. However, it is better to not simply replace the doctor medication and therapy while consuming the tea. It is far better if you also consult the doctor regarding the consumption of Essiac tea

. In addition, the excessive consumption of Essiac tea may cause some side effects such loose stool, improved urine production, nausea, and vomiting. It is suggested to take Essiac tea in an empty stomach with two ounce of tea once in a daily basis and maximum three ounce of tea three times a day as a treatment for serious ailments.