Health Benefits of Peanut Butter for Toddlers

Peanut butter is undoubtedly one of the favorite types of jam to be eaten with bread. Everyone, from young children to senior citizens love it really well! Imagine the chunky nut pieces that slips in between the sweet and nutty flavor of the light brown spread, chances are one will immediately crave for some afterwards! […]

14 Health Benefits of Yogurt for Toddlers for Their Growth

Yogurt is a food with a delicious taste and a soft texture makes you addicted, isn’t it? Yogurt is produced by introducing bacteria into milk at a controlled temperature. The bacteria change the natural milk sugar and release lactic acid. This level of acidity makes milk proteins denser. Thus, yogurt is not only consumed by […]

32 Signs of Yeast Infection In Toddler : Vaginal & Mouth

Yeast infections can occur in all age groups, from very young to very old. In infants, the most common diseases caused by yeast diaper rash and Oral thrush (the type of yeast infection in the mouth and throat). the cause of yeast infections is Candida. Candida is usually found in small quantities in the skin […]