Proven Benefits of Zandu Chyawanprash – Ayurvedic Medicine

Zandu Chyawanprash is a trademark brand of chyawanprash. In case one does not know, chyawanprash is a form of Ayurvedic medicine, precisely a herbal tonic used for general wellness. Ayurvedic herbs are also believed to contain herbs with potent, energy and immunity boosting qualities. It is no wonder that chyawanprash is also regarded as a […]

20 Miraculous Health Benefits of Ghee For Skin

You might only know ghee as the healthier substitute for your butter or oils. Well indeed, this clarified butter is very healthy to be used as it only contains the healthy fats. Therefore, using this Indian butter is considered to be safe for those with some health problems related to the high blood pressure and […]

7 Miraculous Health Benefits of Buttermilk in the Morning

In India, a glass of cool buttermilk is always a welcome delicacy, especially in the summer. Good bacteria in the buttermilk can help boost the digestion and have low calories and a lot of nutrition for your body. Buttermilk also is known as Chaas is fresh milk made of curd, ginger, salt, and water. It […]

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Milk in Ayurveda Treatments

There are a lot of benefits of milk in Ayurveda. It can be a good source of calcium, vitamin D, protein and many more. Based on the Ayurveda, there are various foods which called “Rasayana”. Rasayana means it has highly nourishing and can revitalizing our body easily. In Ayurveda milk is one of the best […]