21 Impressive Health Benefits of Barlotti Beans You Should Know

The health benefits of beans may always surprise us. The more development on science always find something new about the health benefits of natural ingredients we used to think just taste good and make us sated. People used to love meat and put the dairy product in the top list of nutritious food. But now, […]

18 Magnificent Health Benefits of Green Beans during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period when mother should take extra care of everything to make sure the baby gets the best. The mother has to be healthy inside out, by taking regular exercise, yet not the too vigorous one. Mother can take a simple exercise to keep her fit. Or else, they are recommended to get […]

17 Impressive Health Benefits of Hyacinth Beans

Nature always gives everything we need. We sometimes just don’t have any idea about it. By the improvement of science and technology, researchers help us to find more about natural ingredients around us that actually can give impressive health benefits for us. Some research proved that we can have the benefits of flowers from the […]

16 Health Benefits of Jugo Beans You Never Known Before

Sometimes we think that healthy nutrient can only be obtained from superior ingredients such high quality meat, deep sea fishes, or the rare fruit. Sometimes we never notice that the ingredients around us can be beneficial for our health. Likewise, Jugo beans which are originated from West Africa are commonly sold in traditional market around […]

15 Incredible Health Benefits of Sword Bean #Best for Diet

For you guys who loves to eat various kind of beans, you must be familiar with sword beans. Sword beans in the food form is known as a snack while relaxing, because it has a delicious and tasty feel in our mouth. In Indonesia, there are three kinds of sword beans that is usually consume […]

16 Health Benefits of Roasted Coffee Beans for Morning Booster

Coffee is a common famous beverages at current days. It is not only delicious, but also there are some health benefits of roasted coffee beans. Therefore, many people love to drink it and many brand of coffee beans are now provided in the market. Of course the taste is different between each brand. Since each […]

14 Health Benefits of Cowpeas – Longyard Bean

Healthy living is one of the goals mostly found in 2018’s resolution. Well, if you are among those people who really want to achieve this goal, you could start by consuming varieties of vegetables and fruits. It means, you cannot just depend on the common vegetables you love to eat but also other types of […]

13 Proven Health Benefits of Red Adzuki Beans For Growth

Some of you night now that red adzuki beans is one of the food that native to East Asia and Himalayan region. This beans also commonly consume in the other parts of the world, including in Asia. You might ever consume red bean soup in the restaurant. This should be the same kind of food. […]

10 Health Benefits of Blue Peas You’ve Never Known

Peas are very famous in the world. People often use peas as a complement to salads, soups, vegetables, frozen, used as starch and others. Peas have a delicious taste, sweet, and used as a complement to western food because peas are rich in nutrients. Green peas are known by many people. However, have you ever […]

11 Unknown Health Benefits of Green Garbanzo Beans for You

Chickpeas or also known for green garbanzo beans belong to legume family that including variety of beans, peanuts, soybeans and lentils. The beans have been used for many traditional dishes in the Middle East and East, with many benefits like other beans. Related articles: Health benefits of honey beans Health benefits pinto beans Health benefits […]