Check These 6 Health Benefits of Dried Peas

Although dried peas have a place with a similar family as beans and lentils, they are generally recognized as a different group on account of the manners by which they are prepared. The various sorts of peas are on the whole round, a component that additionally separates them from beans and lentils.  Dried peas are […]

Health Benefits of Pea and Mint Soup – Tasty and Creamy Soup

If one of your new year resolutions is healthy lifestyle perhaps you should start to make it a reality since it is February already. The problem mostly people face when it comes to healthy lifestyle is what kind of foods they should consume and what kind of foods they should avoid. Well, if you search […]

10 Benefits of Pea Protein for Weight Loss Treatments

The benefit when you eat peas for diet and for other body health is the topic today. Peas are kinds of beans which the most widely consumed in Indonesian society. In terms of popularity, peas are still less than the soybeans and peanuts. However, in terms of the benefits, peas never lost. Do you want […]

14 Health Benefits of Cowpeas – Longyard Bean

Healthy living is one of the goals mostly found in 2018’s resolution. Well, if you are among those people who really want to achieve this goal, you could start by consuming varieties of vegetables and fruits. It means, you cannot just depend on the common vegetables you love to eat but also other types of […]

10 Health Benefits of Blue Peas You’ve Never Known

Peas are very famous in the world. People often use peas as a complement to salads, soups, vegetables, frozen, used as starch and others. Peas have a delicious taste, sweet, and used as a complement to western food because peas are rich in nutrients. Green peas are known by many people. However, have you ever […]

15 Health Benefits of Sugar Snap Peas (#Worthy Food)

The edible podded peas called Sugar Snap Peas or also known as Snap Peas had been grown by humankind since the 19th century in Europe. They can be seen as a cross between snap peas and snow peas. Snap peas can be eaten raw or cooked first without removing the seeds from the pod. Usually served as […]

17 Scientific Health Benefits of Snow Peas (No.15 Shocking You)

It is undeniable that plant around us has a lot of nutritious for health. Not only special plants that exist as a medicinal plant, but the herb can be obtained from foods of vegetables, legumes, fruits that we consume every day. In addition, one example of plants nuts are beneficial for health, that is a snow […]

22 Proven Health Benefits of Peas Will Shocking You

Peas which we used to considered as cheap food actually is a super food that not only delicious to be consumed but also bring many benefits to our body. Peas, as well as lentils are known as legumes or pulses and they are great sources of many nutrients, including protein, fiber, and potassium. Peas can […]