28 Health Benefits of Pinto Beans (#1 Plant Protein Source for Vegetarian)

Think pink, think pinto beans. Pink is like everyone’s favorite color and that color is closely associated with pinto beans and make this variety of beans are so popular. Besides that, aside from the beautiful color of pinto beans, these beans are also packed with nutrients and have great taste. However, those are not the […]

21 Scientific Health Benefits of Edamame (#1 Top Protein Source)

Edamame is a common ingredient for cuisines in Japan, China, and Korea. Edamame or edamame bean is the green young soybean that has been harvested before the beans became harden. Moreover, edamame is sold in fresh and frozen condition while it is still in the pods. As the consequence, edamame beans are soft and edible. […]

36 Health Benefits of Green Beans #1 Heart, Bone & Visual

Green beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) also well known with several names like string beans and French beans. Since this green beans are also available in almost every country around the world, each country also has its own name for this type of beans. Green beans originated from South America cultivated by the Incas and the Mayans […]

16 Scientific Health Benefits of Pulses (#Superfood)

Pulses are crops that harvested solely for its dry seed, such as beans, pods, and lentils. Widely used in many types of cuisines around the world, pulses are dubbed by many people as the “poor man’s food”. Despite its nickname, pulses are a good source of complex carbohydrates, protein, micro-nutrients, and fiber. As such, they were […]

30 Health Benefits of Mung Beans (#1 Pregnancy and Baby)

Have you ever eaten mung beans? Meanwhile, mung beans comes from India and now is growing as a super food in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. Indeed, the mung beans sprouts is the part where it’s beneficial to eat. Mung beans tastes sweet and savory and you can cook it as side dish. In some Asia […]

15 Health Benefits of Black Beans (No.2 Very Impressive)

The name of black beans is referred to the color of the shell-like which is shiny and dark. Black beans normally found in daily menu, mostly black beans are combined with rice but they are also found in various dishes like soup, pasta and salad. Originally black beans have been found since thousand years ago […]

18 Health Benefits of Lima Beans (No.6 Super-Vegetables)

Lima beans. From the name of that bean, you might find some clue about the origins of lima beans. Yes, lima beans come from Lima, the capital city of Peru. After Christopher Columbus discovered the American Ocean, the varieties of lima beans growing throughout Central America and Carribean. But now, you can find the lima […]