13 Proven Health Benefits of Red Adzuki Beans For Growth

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Some of you night now that red adzuki beans is one of the food that native to East Asia and Himalayan region. This beans also commonly consume in the other parts of the world, including in Asia. You might ever consume red bean soup in the restaurant. This should be the same kind of food. Not only delicious, there are also several health benefits of red adzuki beans. Therefore, it is common to consume this food among many people from children to elderly.

In our country there are varians food contain the red beans. Therefore, it is quite easily to get this food. One history that you might not really know that adzuki is a Japanese language. Hence, the beans is favorite food in Japan too.

The beans normally in red colours. It grow easily and annually. Therefore, it is easy to find this food as one of the ingredients. It is easy to cook and almost less side effects. During cold, most parents will suggest the children to consume this soup. But another interesting fact, in Indonesia you can also find cold red bean with ice. Interesting fact!

Nutritional Value of Red Adzuki Beans

Not only delicious, red adzuki bean is also a good source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Nutrition value inside 230 gram of this bean supplies 0.685mg of Copper, 278 µg of Vitamin B9, 4.6 mg of Iron, 1.318 mg of Manganese, 386mg of Phosphorus, 16.8g of dietary fiber, 56.97g of Carbohydrates, 4.07mg of Zinc and 17.3g of proteins.

For those who want to make sure the health benefits of red adzuki beans, take a look in to some benefits below:

1. Improve Digestive

Red beans are rich with fiber. Therefore, it is good to manage the digestive movement and improve the absorption of nutrients. It can avoid diarrhea and any other digestive problems. This is the same health benefits of fruit jam that can improve the digestive healthy too.

2. Maintain Healthy Heart

Since it is rich with vitamins and minerals, it can improve the cardiovascular system of the human body. It helps to optimize the blood circulation and can help to avoid cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the beans also beneficial to avoid heart attack and any other possibility of unwanted heart diseases.

3. Up Muscle Mass

Red beans rich in protein. Therefore, it helps to add some muscle mass. Since muscles are made up of protein, which will build and maintain the muscle. Without enough protein, muscle loss occurs. But do not forget to combining a routine workout. Combining enough protein and a good workout will lead to a great and lean muscle. This is the same benefits of glutamine that beneficial to build up the muscle and avoid fat absorption into the body.

4. Detoxification

How ever thought that consuming red beans also good for detoxification. Therefore, including red beans to the diet menu can flush the toxin from the body. Furthermore, it helps to eliminate the bad cells and stimulate the forms of a good cell. It can bring a freshness body, healthy and relieving when the body is clear from any unwanted toxin. 

5. Strength Bones

Another health benefits of red adzuki beans is containing many numbers of calcium. Therefore, it is good to improve the growth of bones and joints in the body. It helps to avoid the possibility of osteoporosis in elderly. It is also stimulate the bone and teeth growth to the children. This is the same health benefits of coca leaf that contain many calcium that good for the healthy strength bones.

6. Anti Oxidant

This beans also rich with anti oxidant. Therefore, it help to eliminate the negative effect of free radical to the body. Furthermore, it can avoid early wrinkles and give youthful appearance in the face. Consuming red beans also good to maintain a fresh and healthy skin appearance.

7. Weight Loss

The fiber inside this food is good to eliminate unwanted fat from the body and maximize the nutrient absorption. Therefore, it is a good way to reduce the weight and making a healthy body. This is the same health benefits of elaichi for weight loss that help to reduce the weight too.

8. Prevent Birth Defect

Another benefits is to prevent birth defect to the babies. It is the same health benefits of dry fruits during pregnancy. Therefore, it can ensure a healthy delivery. 

Another Red Adzuki Beans Uses

  1. Rich of Potassium
  2. Works for skin treatments
  3. Natural detox
  4. Rich of vitamin
  5. Rich of potassium

Recommended Intake of Red Adzuki Beans

To get the health benefits of red adzuki beans, below are some easy step to follow on preparing and cook the beans:

  • Sort the beans and throw away any that are moldy or pockmarked. Try to get better at spotting bad beans.
  • Place the dry beans in the strainer and rinse it.
  • Place the beans in the bowl and pour some water. Let it soaking and prepare enough for expansion room.
  • Place the beans in the refrigerator.
  • Soak the beans  for 24 hours.
  • Drain the beans and refill the water.
  • Boil the beans with lower heat until it is simmer.
  • Boil up to 45 minutes and put off the burner.
  • Drain off the water and add the beans to whatever dish.

Side Effect of Red Adzuki Beans

This beans also has several side effects. Even though it is not common and not as dangerous as it though. But if planned to consume the beans in large amount, it is better to pay attention on below cautions:

  1. It is often an acquired taste, and the smell might disturb for several people. But it is not commonly happen.
  2. Too much consume the beans can lead to diabetic, since it is contain quite carbs. Therefore, avoid to consume it every day.

By consuming red bean soup once in a week, it will give a beneficial healthy body. It is good to treat the cold symptoms and good for children too. Try to prepare it as your menu today and enjoy your delicious healthy meal by now.