12 Proven Mayonnaise Benefits (No.4 Surprising You)

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Mayonnaise is a popular condiment which known as a thick, creamy sauce. Mayonnaise is made from stable emulsion of oil, egg yolks and either lemon juice or other types of vinegar. It can also be added with some other herbs and spice like mustard or basil. We can find mayonnaise easily on store but mayonnaise can be made by our own hand at home by using mortar and pestle, whisk, mixer or even fork. Making mayonnaise is easy but you need some patient since you need to add oil slowly drop by drop while you mix it with the yolk.

The oil and the water is the base of the emulsion of egg yolk and the lecithin and protein from the yolks itself act as emulsifiers which stabilize the mixture. To enhance the taste usually people add some mustard and add the vinegar or lemon juice directly to the yolk mixture just after mixing almost finish.
Since it made from egg yolk, oil and vinegar or lemon juice, mayonnaise has some nutrient contents that give benefits to health. Here are the nutrients content of mayonnaise. Health Benefits of Mayonnaise will give you many positive effects.

1. Repair body tissue

Mayonnaise is not only a delicious condiment that you can add to your favorite salad or dish but it can be beneficial for your body. Mayonnaise contains protein from egg yolk which is required in tissue formation and reparation.

2. Moisturize the hair

Mayonnaise contains many nutrients and properties that found in hair masks which you used to purchase on store. Mayonnaise contains oils that can moisturize dry hair that caused by chemical product or hair styling. Mayonnaise coats damage and dry hair just like silicone that can add shine and protect hair from styling. The protein content of mayonnaise which comes from egg yolk replenishes the weak strands on hair to prevent breakage and it also promotes growth of new hair root. The combination of oil and protein in mayonnaise also make perfect option for those with normal hair who used to feel that undiluted natural oils are too heavy on their fine hair.

3. Moisturize and soften the skin

Not only moisturize hair, mayonnaise can be used to in treatment of dry skin. People used to apply mayonnaise as face or body mask to moisturize and soften their skin. Mayonnaise contains protein and oil that can promote the regeneration of skin and make it supple. The protein content of mayonnaise also can keep the skin tight and firm by stimulating collagen production. To use mayonnaise as treatment just apply some mayonnaise that has been mixed with honey to face or the body. Let it for 15 minutes then wash it lukewarm water.

4. Restore healthy pH balance

Health Benefits of Mayonnaise also important to restore pH Balance. The vinegar or lemon juice that found in mayonnaise can help to restore healthy pH balance and it maintain healthy normal system in the body. This is also the reason why mayonnaise can help to treat damage hair.

5. Fasten healing

The protein content of mayonnaise will fasten the healing process since it contains protein and other nutrient which promotes healing. Mayonnaise can replaced egg in the food if you don’t have any egg in your fridge just like when you gonna fry some chicken, you can use mayonnaise to batter the chicken instead of egg.

6. Increase appetite

The sweet and sour taste of mayonnaise can enhance appetite and make your salad or dressing looks appetizing. The oil content of mayonnaise has high palatability which makes people will love to eat it. Add mayonnaise to your food and if children are less likely to eat something, they will enjoy it.

7. Treat sunburn

Mayonnaise can treat sunburn and hydrate the skin which has been exposed by sunlight. Egg yolk and oil are best hidrator for the body and it can keep the water stay in skin and replenish the water loss. It also has calming effect which can reduce the heat of sunburn. Just apply some cold mayonnaise that you save in fridge directly on skin and leave it for some minutes. Wash it with cold water.

8. Make glowing skin

If you have some leftover mayonnaise in fridge, you can use it as face mask to make your skin glowing and also remove the dark spot or acne scar. The protein and the fatty acid in mayonnaise will be helpful in increasing the skin regeneration progress and blood circulation within the face. Mayonnaise also nourish your facial skin and after you apply some mayo on your face, see the difference.

9. Maintain strong bones

Egg yolk is not only high in protein but contains some important mineral such as calcium that is required to keep strong bones. Add some mayonnaise to your diet but make sure you use less calorie or less fat mayo.

10. Get rid of dead skin cell

Mayonnaise can be used as skin peeling or scrub to soften and remove the dead skin cell that cause your skin looks dull. Mix some mayonnaise with rice powder and apply it to skin by massaging it slowly. Do it for some minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. You can do this treatment regularly once a week.

11. Strengthen immune system

If you make mayonnaise using lemon juice and olive oil, it certainly will give benefits to your immune system. The vitamin C content of lemon and omega 3 in olive oil will help to keep your body from certain disease that caused by pathogen microorganism.

12. Maintain normal metabolism

Mayonnaise contains some fat which required to absorb some vitamins such as A, D, E, K that known as fat soluble vitamin. By increase the absorption of this vitamin, mayonnaise can help to maintain healthy metabolism and normal body system. So , adding mayonnaise in your salad will help you to absorb better vitamin which served by the salad.

How to Make Mayonnaise at Home

If you do not want to try mayonnaise which you can purchase in store, you can try to make it at at home. To make a healthy one, you just need some extra virgin olive oil, egg yolk and also some lemon juice.

You can make your own Mayonnaise at home by following this simple recipe:

  • Mix a yolk with ½ cup of extra virgin olive, add the oil slowly drop by drop
  • Keep mix both ingredients and you can also use a hand blender
  • Mix the ingredients until mayonnaise is formed
  • Add some lemon juice after you get the mayonnaise texture.
  • You can also add some avocado to enhance the nourishment
  • Use this mixture as your hair as mask or as facial and body treatment mask.

Tips to Use Mayonnaise

Mostly people use mayonnaise to treat dry and damage hair and skin, here are some tips that can help you to treat the hair.

  • Before washing your hair just dilute your shampoo a little bit because mayonnaise is actually greasy and it might take some time to clean it off completely from hair. Sure you don’t want to rip off all the benefits of mayonnaise which has been done to your hair because using too much shampoo.
  • If you think that mayonnaise will smell unpleasant to your hair or make your hair smell like salad so you can add some vanilla extract to mayonnaise before you use it as hair or face mask.
  • Use some leftover mayonnaise on your face or rough skin on your knee or heel. It will leave your face glowing and your skin will feel soft. Mayonnaise is great to prevent wrinkle so you can use it regularly as facial treatment.

Mayonnaise contain egg yolk and protein that can cause allergic reaction to some people. It also contain oil and vinegar that is not suitable for them who are trying to lose weight. If you wanna purchase mayonnaise on store better watch the ingredients and make sure it contains less fat and calories.