9 Hidden Health Benefits of Cordyceps as a Traditional Chinese Medicine

For those who never hear about the health benefits of cordyceps, it might be important to read about the cordyceps first. Therefore, it will be easier to define the benefits. Cordyceps is known as a genus of fungi. It grows worldwide and comes from Latin words. Furthermore, it consists over than 400 species in the […]

12 Useful Benefits of Saprophytic Fungi You Should Know

There is many species of fungi that have been used in many food and beverages, and also medications. So far, fungi has been cultivated widely for scientific purposes. Thus why it is important in history of biotechnology and the making of fungi-based products. There are some types of fungi that is best used for specific […]

14 Great Benefits of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi You Should Know

Fungi is an important organism in biology and biotechnology. These microorganisms hold great value in science and antibiotic making. Fungi also cultivated widely in agriculture. Fungi has been used in food and beverage making, in medical treatment, as antibiotic, and so on forth. So, overall, fungi is a valuable organism to researchers, it is evident […]

What Are the Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms? Find Out Here!

Mushrooms are one of the magic you could find on Earth. Some of them are so beneficial for human health while others could be super toxic. That is why you should be careful when it comes to mushrooms but lion’s mane mushrooms are not only unique in appearance but also full of potential from fighting […]

10 Precious Health Benefits of Black Truffle That Really Famous

People might hear that the health benefits of black truffle can be so vary. Therefore, this food is one of the most favorite kind among many other foods. Not only bring benefits, black truffle also include as one of the luxury food that cost very high to consume it. Hence, not all the people have […]

Healthy and Tasty – 8 Health Benefits of Paddy Straw Mushroom You Should Know

Mushroom is a delicious addition usually found in Asian cuisine. Its aroma and taste adds uniqueness to any foods. Its meat-like yet chewy texture tastes yummy to food addict. It has been long consumed in various ways. But, it’s use is not solely for culinary. One should not overlook its use as folk medicine. In-depth […]

16 Unbelievable of Health Benefits of Brown Algae for Life

The benefits of brown algae for life may not have been studied generally. Brown algae is known as brown seaweed or Phaeophyta which is one of the photosynthetic protists. This photosynthetic protists is known as one of the plant species. The difference is Brown Algae have no connection with land plants  generally. The main difference between […]

20 Inevitable Health Benefits of Enoki Mushrooms

Are you a fan of mushrooms? Ever heard of enoki mushrooms? This time we will discuss the health benefits of enoki mushrooms. For you who love mushrooms, you must have been familiar with this type of mushrooms. This mushroom is also called bean sprout mushroom because of its long and thin shape like bean sprouts. […]

17 Shocking Health Benefits of Agarikon Mushrooms

One of the oldest and longest-lived mushrooms on the planet is the Agarikon mushroom. Agaricon mushrooms can live up to the age of 70-100 years. There are many of amazing health benefits of Agarikon mushrooms, such as helping cancer survivors, tuberculosis, and many other diseases. Although the Agarikon mushroom has a long life, this mushrooms […]

9 Proven Health Benefits of Morel Mushrooms

Most of us probably aren’t that familiar with morel mushrooms. Well, if you happen to work in the culinary industries or at least get involved in there, you’d know that these mushrooms are highly sought after and generally quite pricey. Mushrooms are generally considered as great additions to our overall diets for their high amount […]