10 Unpredictable Health Benefits of Eleutherine Bulbosa

Eleutherine bulbosa is one of the tubers found in the forests of West Kalimantan. This plant is not widely known by the people of Indonesia. In fact, these bulbs have many benefits for the health of the human body. The shape is very similar to red onion in general. However, the health benefits of eleutherine […]

10 Super Health Benefits of Etlingera Elatior

Etlingera elatior is a plant that is very easy to find in Indonesia. These herbs include spice plants used as food seasonings. This plant is also known as kantan or honje. In addition to its attractive colors and beautiful shape, it turns out the health benefits of etlingera elatior has a good benefit for the […]

20 Health Benefits of Black Hawaiian Sea Salt #1 Traditional Drugs

Sea salt is kind of salt that produce from sea’s evaporation process. Some people commonly used as cooking ingredients to add salty taste into. Some of  ingredients in sea salt generally same with the ion onside the sea salt. Dry sea salt contains approximately 55.5 % chlorine, 30.8% sodium, 7.7 % sulfate, 3.7% magnesium, 1.2 […]

11 Best Health Benefits of Drinking Blackstrap Molasses

Do you know what blackstrap molasses is? It is known that it is such the dark molasses that made of maximum extraction of sugar from raw sugar cane. This product has a robust flavor and it is likely a thick syrup. As the consequence, it has shown that blackstrap molasses have the good benefits to the […]

12 Super Zingiber Officinale Roscoe Benefits for Body Health

Who doesn’t know about red ginger? Zingiber officinale roscoe benefits or red ginger have long been known as herbal remedies that can cure various diseases. However, not everyone is accustomed to consuming this type of ginger. In addition, based on research, red ginger contains chemicals needed by the body such as: Essential oil Zingerberin Kamfena […]

10 Health Benefits of Yellow Onion You Must Know

Onion is a kind of spice that use for cooking. In addition to making food delicious, it is also rich in antioxidants and sulfur is needed by the body. The most commonly used in terms of groceries are onion, white and yellow. Health benefits of yellow onion are also known by the name of the bombay. […]

11 Health Benefits of Dhania Water for Health You Must Know

Dhania use as a cooking spice. But did you know that dhania also has other benefits? In addition to seeds, Health Benefits of Dhania Water can also be used by boiling first. Dhania water has proven to cure various diseases. In addition to the cheap price, dhania water is also easy to obtain and apply. […]

18 Top Health Benefits of Beef Gelatin – Medical Uses – Beauty Treatments

What is beef gelatin? It is known that beef gelatin is a colorless and flavorless solid substance derived from collagen found in animal bones. Gelatin has the dried powder form which is made from parts of animals including skin, bones, and tissue. It is commonly used in many kinds of food preparation as the basis […]

10 Benefits of Sugar for Health (No.2 Is Unexpected)

Sugar earns its bad reputation because it is always associated with the main factor that causes the spike of blood sugar level in diabetic patients, obesity and tooth decay. However, do you know that no human could live without sugar? Even your tongue knows better that everything sweet always win over others flavors. It is […]

37 Health Benefits of Eating Jaggery #Natural Antioxidant

Do you know something about jaggery? Maybe it is a unknown name for us. So what about brown sugar or palm sugar that has shape usually cube or spherical? Yup. That is jaggery. There are two types of food and beverage sweeteners or what we call sugar consumed by the people of Indonesia. Both types of […]