Read These 11 Important Health Benefits of Black Salt

Black salt, prevalently known as kala namak in India is one fixing that has been a vital piece of Ayurveda because of its various therapeutic properties. Plentiful in minerals, it is said to have numerous medical advantages when consumed consistently.  Unlike common salt, black salt does not build the degree of sodium in the blood, […]

12 Health Benefits of Truffle Salt You Might Never Know!

It might not common to hear about the health benefits of truffle salt. Therefore, many people not aware of this benefit and advantage for the health of the body system. Mainly relate to the wellness, since normally people only aware that truffle is able to consume as dishes or meal in western countries. However, apparently […]

Benefits of Using Salt to Brush Teeth You Should Know

Salt is a beneficial natural ingredient for health. It can be used in some home remedy and beauty hack tips such as Benefits of Drinking Salt Water for Skin and Health. The use of salt is not limited to the table salt we usually see in mom’s kitchen. It sometimes the natural salt such as […]

Amazing Benefits of Drinking Salt Water Every Morning for Health

Salt might be an ingredient which exist in everyone’s kitchen. But it doesn’t mean that salt is not special. This essential ingredient in possesses various benefits for our health, especially the natural salt. And there are also various kind of healthy natural salt. For example, we can get the Health Benefits of Korean Bamboo Salt. […]

Potential Benefits of Salt and Sugar Water for Health Problems

Salt and sugar solution have been known to be powerful and effective home remedy. It is simple, cheap, but never under estimate the benefits of salt sugar water. People also call it as ORS, or Oral Re-hydration Salts. Well, from the name, we can guess the main benefits of this solution. It takes a big […]

10 Specific Health Benefits of Korean Bamboo Salt for Medication

Many people might not really familiar with the health benefits of Korean bamboo salt. Most of them might even thinking what comes to the different between Korean salt with other ordinary salt. Therefore, if want to know further, below are some explanations. If a common salt is coming from the seawater, bamboo salt is produce […]

8 Amazing Benefits of Salt Inhalation Room for Treatments (Halotherapy)

If you are someone who are constantly in need for health treatment, whether it is for recovering from disease or just regular treatment, you are more likely to experience therapy at least once during your healing period. Well, indeed therapy is not the only way to treat your health, there are also chemical medications, herbal […]

You Don’t Need to Dip In, Sea Air is Actually Good for You!

Did you know that being around near ocean could actually save someone’s lives? I know, I know. With all the possibility of natural disaster, the thought of getting a sunburn, the thought of your beach body being judged, or whatever that prevent you from being on the seaside; beach probably the last holiday destination in […]

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders Health Benefits – Is It Really More Than Just Pretty Decoration?

They are pretty, that’s for sure. But if you were hoping for any medical benefit on the claim that the lamps produce negative ions, prepare to be disappointed. First thing first, let’s talk about Himalayan salt itself. Himalayan salt is a type of rock salt that actually comes not from Himalaya but from the salt […]

The Effective Health Benefits of Kosher Salt for Cooking

Talking about salt, it must be related with culinary. Salt is known as one of the most important seasonings which are commonly used by people in cooking. The presence of salt is able to create a better taste for the cuisine, so it will be enjoyed by people who consume it. Salt itself consists of […]