20 Health Benefits of Black Hawaiian Sea Salt #1 Traditional Drugs

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Sea salt is kind of salt that produce from sea’s evaporation process. Some people commonly used as cooking ingredients to add salty taste into. Some of  ingredients in sea salt generally same with the ion onside the sea salt. Dry sea salt contains approximately 55.5 % chlorine, 30.8% sodium, 7.7 % sulfate, 3.7% magnesium, 1.2 % calcium, 1.1 % potassium, and iodine, as one of very essential substance that needed by human body to support health.

Sea salt commonly distributed with market label as “iodine sea salt” is a kind of sea salt which passed fortification process (rich iodine). Hawaiian sea salt contains mineral and iron substances, both of the substances make them become black color. Sea salt also contain other substances like sulfate, sulfide, and magnesium. Hydrogen sulfide contributes to a special smell for this product.

People commonly know about black sea salt come from Hawai. This kinds of sea salt feel so cold and can give many health benefits. Beside it can be laxatives and drugs for digestive system (a same health benefit for people who consume tonic water: as you can read on health benefits drinking diet tonic water), it’s also can help people to have a better vision. The other substantial contains is sulfur. Sulfur in salt water can be used to cure inflammation and infection. Black sea salt has a little amount of iron that can help softening the skin and can be used as beauty product for women.

Health Benefits of Black Hawaiian Sea Salt

It may be different with common white salt that may endanger human body, black salt contains little amount of sodium, and contains iron, sulfur, and natural mineral substance which are so good for health

Below are the health benefits of black sea salt. Some people may never know, but it’s really worth to be known as it can naturally boost human’s quality of health.

1. Decreasing body’s weight

the first benefit people may get after consume sea salt is, it can help lowering body mass index as hawaii black sea salt contains low amount of sodium. This Hawaii black sea salt can be used to add into  daily food to get salty taste.

2. Cure constipation

Consuming Hawaii black sea salt can cure any problem related to constipation and can help people who feel puffed up on their stomach.

3. Prevent Cholesterol

The health benefit by consuming Hawaii black sea salt is lowering the level of bad cholesterol or in medical terminology called Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL). It can boost good cholesterol to fight against any disease that may appear related to high level of LDL

4. Iron Deficiency

Hawaii black sea salt can be so good for people who suffer from iron deficiency. As already explain above, this Hawaii black sea salt contains iron that might be so good for anemia patient to increase the level of iron then boost the level of Hb (hemoglobin) inside human’s.

5. Cure the Sign and Symptoms of Pruritus on Skin

Hawaii black sea salt proven enough can cure the sign and symptoms of pruritus on skin, one of therapy for dry and itchy skin. Hawaii black sea salt also can be the product that add to bath water in order to create relaxation sensation, cure dry and itchy skin in order to cure atopic dermatitis, people can dissolve Hawaii black sea salty water and use it as they take a bath. It’s more recommended to use warm water to dissolve the Hawaii black sea salt

6. Body Scrub 

Hawaii black sea salt can be used to clean the body by using it as body scrub. It boost the blood flow and make glowing. 

7. For Nails 

Surprisingly, this Hawaii black sea salt can be use as product to get rid of yellowish nail by scrub Hawaii black sea salt to the surface of people’s nail.

8. Traditional Drugs 

Hawaii black sea salt already used for around hundreds of years as traditional drugs, cooking, and beauty purpose. There are so many benefit that people can gained by using Hawaii black sea salt and one of recommended ones to boost human’s health. While white salt can possibly create the bad impacts which are paralysis, thyroid, impotence, and high blood pressure, it’s also not really recommended to use Hawaii black sea salt in extra dosage.

10. Contains High Minerals 

As we know, salt is one of ingredients that contains high mineral for all of people. That’s make salt become essential for human’s health. People need to consider on how much they consume Hawaii black sea salt because it need to be a proper portion for each person.

11. Lower the Risk 

People who consume little amount or even never consume Hawaii black sea salt, have a higher risk to have hypothermia. But for those who consuming it too much, it may caused many threaten disease. That’s the reason why keeping the amount of salt is important for human body. Meanwhile, there are many Health Benefits of Black Hawaiian Sea Salt.  

Some Cautions of  Black Hawaiian Sea Salt

The bad impacts that may appear if someone consuming too much salt

1. Disturbing kidney’s function

Salt’s function can balance the fluid inside the human body. Unfortunately, consuming too much salty food actually can disturb the process of fluid balance inside the body. If people consume too much salt, kidney will decrease the outflow of fluid, that will increase blood volume as caused water retention. Symptoms that might appears are edema or swelling mainly in hand, arm, foot, that caused by liquid retention.

2. diluting the bones

Calcium excretion in urine believed by many researcher can increase the risk of bone diluting, and cause calcium lose inside the bones and make the possibility of people to get osteoporosis. In long term, it will increase the possibility of osteoporosis after menopause women. Strong bone need calcium to support human body

3. stomach cancer

Study from International Journal of Epidemiology found that there’s a link between the phenomenon disease of stomach cancer and consuming too much salt, and also related to dyspepsia symptoms on common people. Stomach cancer can be the complication of chronic dyspepsia if that disease is not getting appropriate therapy.

One of the bad effects of consuming too much salt on mucose’s layer and cause gaster to lose its function and not have a good quality anymore to run their function as one of digestive system.