5 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Panela Sugar

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Sugar, one of the most used item in making various beverages worldwide. Almost every kind of beverages have sugar poured in to add the sweetness. Coffee, tea, juice, latte, milk, and many more. It’s like people will always take note “don’t forget to add sugar” when making any kind of drinks. It’s not uncommon to find sugar in most kind of foods either.

What people usually overlook is the fact that sugar also provides health benefits. One example of healthier sugar is Panela sugar. This type of sugar contains higher percentage of healthy substances than refined sugar. (See also: Benefits of Brown Sugar for A Healthy and Natural Diet)

A complete list of nutrients found in Panela sugar is given below :


As stated before, Panela sugar is said to have higher amount of micronutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals than a refined sugar. (You may want to read : Health Benefits of Tea without Milk and Sugar)

Following substances also can be found in every 100 g of Panela sugar :

  • 1,576 kJ (377 kcal) Energy
  • 97.33 g Carbohydrates
  • 96.21 g Sugars
  • 0 g Dietary fiber
  • 0 g Fat
  • 0 g Protein
  • 1.77 g Water

So, what are the health benefits of Panela sugar? Let’s check it out :

1. Boost immune system

It contains higher level of Vitamins than refined sugar, which means it is more powerful in boosting our immune system than refined sugar did.

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2. Prevents respiratory diseases

Vitamin C compounds found in Panela sugar helps in reducing inflammation  in airway passages.  This act prevents any type of respiratory diseases, such as Asthma, Bronchitis, etc.

3. Prevents bone loss

Minerals, especially Calcium and Phosphorus found in Panela sugar helps to strengthen bone by increasing bone density. Thus, it can help to prevent osteoporosis in the later age. It also can maintain teeth health, and cure cavities. 

4. Control blood pressure

Vitamin A and Vitamin C found in Panela sugar helps increase the blood flow, prevent blood clots and other cardiovascular diseases. (You may interested : Health Benefits of Romaine Lettuce)

5. Treats anemia, osteomalacia, and rickets

Yes, there are many health benefits of Panela sugar. Panela sugar can help to increase blood level in your body, so it can helps to treat anemia. It also treats osteomalacia and rickets. (Also read : Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt and Granola)


Just like any kind of sugar, it is highly recommended not to overuse it. Especially for the diabetic person.  Overuse of panela might cause some harmful diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. It also might cause obesity and drastically increased weight. So as a safety measures and for the sake of our health, only consume Panela sugar when it’s necessary.