10 Unpredictable Health Benefits of Eleutherine Bulbosa

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Eleutherine bulbosa is one of the tubers found in the forests of West Kalimantan. This plant is not widely known by the people of Indonesia. In fact, these bulbs have many benefits for the health of the human body. The shape is very similar to red onion in general. However, the health benefits of eleutherine bulbosa are slightly oval, larger, and redder in color. The Dayak people call it “forest onion”.

Onion has a chemical content required by the body, namely:

Based on research conducted by the Faculty of Pharmacy ITB Bandung states that Dayak onion has many properties, including:

  1. Treating cancer

This onion has a flavonoid compound, which is one type of antioxidant that is needed by the body. These antioxidants can treat cancer in a person’s body. This statement is reinforced by a study conducted by several experts. Consuming antioxidants from natural ingredients is safer than obtained from chemicals.

  1. Treating heart disease

Another chronic disease that can be handled by the onion is heart disease. As we know that heart disease is one of the leading cause of death in Indonesia. This disease can come to anyone regardless of age. For that, it is important to maintain heart health by consuming healthy and nutritious food.

  1. Lowering blood pressure

High blood pressure is not good for the health of the body. Because it will lead to other problems such as heart disease. One way to lower high blood pressure is to consume these onions. Because in it contained alisin compounds that can lower blood pressure. This statement is described by Prof. Dr. Sidik Apt.

  1. Overcoming uric acid

Uric acid occurs due to calcification of the joints. To overcome this, needed supplement that can overcome calcification. One of the recommended natural supplements is eleutherine bulbosa. Because this plant contains a powerful natural compound to overcome uric acid.

  1. Relieve asthma

This is good news for people with asthma. Therefore, there are other alternatives to relieve asthma in addition to taking drugs that have been prescribed by a doctor. This Dayak onion can relieve asthma naturally.

  1. Treat bronchitis

Bronchitis is a disease that attacks the bronchus. In fact, the role of bronchi in the respiratory system is very important. If bronchus occurs problems, then the respiratory system will also come into trouble. As a result, the supply of oxygen that should be sufficient to be less. If the disease is not treated promptly, it will lead to other, more serious problems. Healing methods that can be used as an alternative to drugs from doctors are to consume eleutherine bulbosa.

  1. Good for kidney

Dayak onion has long been known for its great properties. One of the properties of this onion is widely used by the surrounding community is to maintain kidney health. No need to wonder, because the onion contains active compounds that can maintain kidney health.

  1. Overcoming epilepsy

Epilepsy or seizures can also be treated by consuming eleutherine bulbosa regularly. The patient’s immediate family should also know how to cope with epilepsy if relapse. Because many people who misguided in dealing with epilepsy patients. For more details, can be asked to the doctor who handles.

  1. Overcoming insomnia

Insomnia is a disease that causes sufferers difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Many things that trigger insomnia in a person. This unnatural sleep rhythm can be overcome in a natural way, using the Dayak onion like health benefits ashitaba leaves.

  1. Treating cysts

Cysts can not only be treated by surgery only. But cysts can also be treated by consuming these onions regularly or health benefits of gynura leaves. Every cyst does not have to be operated on. There are several types of cysts that can disappear by itself if the size is still small. But if the size is large, then the cyst should be operated immediately.

How to use

You can consume this onion in two forms, ie dried and fresh. Both have the same benefits for the body. This has been proven through research by the Faculty of Pharmacy Bandung.


You should also consult your doctor if you want to use the health benefits of eleutherine bulbosa as a traditional remedy.