Health Benefits of Quitting Dipping Tobacco – The Hazards Compound

Tobacco is a leaf product which contains nicotine and are the primary ingredients of a cigarette. Yes, when we think of tobacco, we mostly think about cigarettes because that is the most common product that has tobacco in it. But actually, tobacco is divided into smoked tobacco or smokeless tobacco. Cigarette is categorized as a […]

19 Scientific Health Benefits of Organic Tobacco

Organic tobacco has a Latin name, Nicotiana tabacum. This plant comes from North America and South America. Organic tobacco is better than the artificial one because it grows without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, and other substances. The leaves of this tree are often used as raw materials of cigarettes, either by a pipe or […]

10 Top Scientific-Based Health Benefits of Tobacco Tea

Based on research studies, tobacco has been proven containing more than 3,000 organic and inorganic chemical compounds that most of them are actually beneficial for human health. For centuries, tobacco has been used by people as medicine and only in the latest centuries, the good name of tobacco is always linked to several fatal diseases […]

6 Benefits of Quitting Smokeless Tobacco (# For Your Lovely One)

Smoking has been an old addiction for some people. Smoking is a term describing a practice of burning a substance and resulting smoke breathed in to be tasted and some substances absorbed into the blood stream. The most commonly subtance in smoking activity is the dried tobacco leaves which has been rolled or packed into […]