20 Surprising Health Benefits of Echinacea Tea

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One of the common herbal with a quite high demand is Echinacea. This is a kind of perennial flower which famously named with purple coneflower. The flower can be found in eastern and central North America. For decades, it is known that this herbal brings a lot of benefits related to human immune system.

Echinacea has nine species, but only three species has a medical benefit. There are Echinacea Angustifolia, Echinacea Pallida and Echinacea Purpuria. The other may endangered. The most common use as traditional medicine is Echinacea Purpuria. This flower is currently cultivated as an alternate supply on market requirement of this plant. All parts of the plant can be extracted for a treatment, whether it is the flower, root, or leaves.


Nutrition Values of Echinacea Tea

Flavonoids (0.48%)
Essentials Oil (0.2 – 2%)
Polyacetylenes (0.2%)
Alkylamides (0.2 – 2%)
Alkaloid (0.006%)
Polysaccharides (0%)
Ascorbic Acid (0.214%)

As most people knows, that Echinacea bring many advantages, mainly in terms of health. For those who feel curious, there are health benefits of Echinacea tea:

1. Cold Remedies

The most common use of the tea is for a fast curing from the cold. A cup of Echinacea tea giving a relief sensation and decrease the cold symptoms such as fever or cough. A daily use of the tea has been proven giving benefits on cold fast recovery rather than the people who’s not consume it.

2. Maintain Body Immune System

Echinacea tea nutrition contains alkylamides which are good to imboost human immune. It is working by stimulating the body to improve their natural immune system. So that it increases the body resistance to against illness. The book of Nutritional Herbology also support this statement.

3. Natural Antibiotics

Echinecea works to stimulate the white blood cell. The body develop it as self-protection from any disease. Therefore it helps to against disease in the body and works as a natural antibiotics. It is better compare with chemical drugs in the market.

4. Respiratory Problems

There is a journal who reports a research where people who drink this tea for early treatment of their respiratory problem will get benefit. The capability of the product to stimulate the immune system is reduce the symptoms. It works best if given as an early treatment to adult rather than as prevention.

5. Tonsilitis

The Echinacea capability of purifies the blood and increase the immune system help to reduce tonsil inflammations. By consume the tea during illness, it helps to cure the disease by stimulate the white blood cells to fight the pathogen. So that it speeds the body on recovering from the illness. The feeling of sore throat can be lower down.

6. Pain Relief

Some research found that Echinacea tea can act as a pain relief. It is not as a strong effective pain killer such as the chemical medical treatment. But it is more to give natural well-being pain situation. Such as for headache, illness or event when dealing with insect bites.

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7. Remove Bacterial Infection

A tincture or an extract from Echinacia tea stimulate the phagocyte to remove the bacterial infection on the body. A study published in the Phytomedicine found it as an effective way for a fast cure during infection including on bacteria such as streptococcus or hemophilus.

8. Natural Virus Killer

Echinacea tea has capability to block virus infection. It destroy the virus, and works as a natural way to avoid disease by increasing body immune. Because when the body is getting strong, then it produces a good cell such as lymphocyte and works to eliminate the germ.

9. Bladder Infection

A common health issue for most people is bladder infection. In which usually treat by drinking a lot of water. By adding Echinacea tea as one of the drink, it can help the healing process. With the benefit of its anti-bacterial, it leads to eliminate the infection. It gives a fast recovery process.

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10. Swollen Threat

When having an ache with caused swollen parts of the body, Echinacea can works to cure the injure. Just rub it gently to the illness part, it will affect by reduce the swollen, relief the illness and resulted a fast curing period.

11. Lymphatic System

Consuming the tea can help to clean the lymphatic system of the body. It works by increasing the drainage capability. So it can reduce the possibility of swelling in the lymphatic system. When the lymph is clear, that body metabolism also feel better. The other parts of body can works optimize and create a healthy body.

12. Dermatitis Problems

Most of the skin health problems, such as excema, can be cured by Echinacea. It works by generate a new skin after the infected skin. The anti-oxidant capability can eliminate blemish or dark spot in the skin. The anti-bacteria help for a quick heal of acne. Indeed, there are many Health Benefits of Echinacea Tea.


13. Muscle Inflammation

Arthritis or joint pain are common happens to adult. As the age is add, the possibility to get the illness is get bigger. Consuming the tea can help to reduce the inflammation and provide a muscle more energy which strengthen the body.

14. Relief Gastroenteritis

An illness in stomach and testine are common called with gastroenteritis. This is kind of stomach flu. The Enchinacea tea works by reducing the inflammation resulted due to the illness. Add by the capability of fast recovery from cold, therefore it also helps to fast healing on this kind of illness.

15. Migrain Headache

Related to the capability of pain relief, one of the benefit of Echinacea tea is to cure a migraine headache. It works to the main of the nerve system and restore the ache feeling from the head. This is actually related to the Echinacea capability to increase the immune, it then works to cure the nerve inflammation, in which this is the potential cause of headache.

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16. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It is common happen to a person after they had cold. The main cause is lack of body immune system. Again, Echinacea tea works to reduce this effect. Since this is more as a kind of stressful disease, the relax hormone resulted from the tea is taking a big part of controlling the syndrome.

17. Anti-Depression

Most herbal working as an anti-depression including Echinacea tea. Nowadays people are feeling depressed due to a lot of factor. By consuming the tea, it helps to relieve the nerve and lead the brain to boosts serotonin level. Therefore, people will be feeling calm, enjoy and relaxed. It helps for person with sleeping problems such as insomnia.

18. Antioxidant

The plant can be used as an antioxidant. Like most of plant leaves, it helps to reduce the effects of free radical resulted in polluted environment. It gives body a kind of detoxification treatment. So that the toxin inside the body can be eliminate and result a healthy body metabolism.


19. Cancer Treatment

What’s more Health Benefits of Echinacea Tea? The benefits as one of the treatments to cancer is most likely still in debate and no evidence. Some mentioned that it is can use for cancer therapy and against the growth of cancer cells. The capability of being an anti-oxidant can eliminate the cancer cells. Also, the phytochemicals contain in the product works to reduce a tumor. But again, further researches shall be performed to give a good prove of this advantage.

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20. Anti Aging

With refer to the benefit of antioxidant, some peoples believe it is a good treatment for anti-aging. It is not an instant product which reduce wrinkle on the face, but it helps the skin rejuvenate. A daily consume can works to lower down the risk of early aging. It making the skin smooth as it before.

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How To Use Echinacea Tea

The easiest way to get the health benefits of an Echinacea is by consume Echinacea Tea. It is the most common way to extract the plant. The process is quite simple and even every people should be able to prepare it self at home. Here is the way:

  1. Take one part of Echinacea, make sure it includes flower and leaves.
  2. Put in a pot and pour boiling water.
  3. Keep it for 5-10 minutes, wait until the color of the water is become a little bit yellow.
  4. If the colour has change, then the Echinacea homemade tea is ready to consume.
  5. If we want to add more flavor, we can mix it with mint, lemon or honey for a better taste.

For them who loves more practical way, a lot of Echinacea Tea brand is widely sell in the market. Most product is complete with the dosage of daily usage. Just put one teabag 2-3 times daily with hot water, and you can directly enjoy the tea.

To be noted that the use of this tea is not for long period. People who consume this product shall give some breaks to help the body create its natural immune system without helping from this product’s extract. Therefore, the body immune system is still in balance and works as necessity. Mainly for diseases which type is auto-immune disease. It is not preferable to consume this tea.

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Side Effects of Echinacea Tea

This tea is not usually had side effects. But some researches mention that it possibly contains arsenic which lead to a number of selenium in the body. Some minors issue reported by their consumer of having dizziness and stomach problems after consume the tea. Some people whose allergic to Asteraceae plant might get allergic when using this product. It possibly to people whose allergic to this plant will experience some rash or asthma after consume the tea. But overall, as most of the herbal, this tea is commonly safe to consume.

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