25 Proven Health Benefits of Purple Bell Peppers

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Those who like spicy food must been know about paprika. Paprika is a plant that the taste of the fruit is sweet and a little bit spicy. Bell pepper have several color. That is red, green, yellow, and purple. But, for the green and purple bell pepper, the taste is a little bit bitter from the others. Mostly, people often use the bell pepper to make a salad. Bell paper have many benefits for our health.

Bell paper is rich in vitamin C. Bell pepper is good for skin health, anti aging, take care of our eyes, etc. But, now in this article will especially discuss about purple bell pepper. Purple bell pepper has anthocyanin content that are known to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Purple bell pepper bloom during the summer. It’s need a lot of sunlight. Indeed, there are many health benefits of purple bell peppers.


Nutritional value of purple bell pepper

One large purple bell pepper

Calories                       50

Carbohydates              12g

Protein                         2g

Vitamin A                   7%DV

Vitamin C                   569%

Vitamin B6                 16%

Folate                          12%

Manganese                  11%

Potassium                    11%

Copper                          10%

Purple bell pepper has many benefits for health. In the following paragraphs, you will know the benefits of purple bell pepper that maybe will surprise you.

1. Purple Bell Pepper is Rich in Vitamin C

Purple bell pepper have vitamin C content more than orange have. We need the vitamin C for muddle through baldness, prevent cancer, prevent pain such as bruises or sprains, increase immunity, protect from bleeding gums, and improve sperm quality.

The vitamin C in the purple bell pepper can help burn the calories in the our body. Furthermore, the vitamin C in the purple bell pepper have collagen that can help our body to keep integrity of blood vessel, skins, organs, and bones.

2. Protect the immune and nervous system

Again, there are many health benefits of purple bell peppers, this is one of the function of vitamin C that is protect our body’s system health and help stimulate white blood cell against the infection, and naturally build a strong immune system. It is also a rich source of vitamin B6, which is important for essential chemical reactions throughout the body, including involving brain’s function and immune’s function.


3. Sanctify the blood that needed during pregnancy

Purple bell peppers also provides a good source of foliate, which supports the functioning of red blood cells, and very important during pregnancy because it help to prevent certain types of birth defective on unborn child, for example spina bifida.

4. Support the optical system

The high vitamin C and beta-carotene as well as phytonutrients lutein and zeaxanthin in the purple bell pepper can help prevent and slowing expansion of eye diseases such as cataracts. Vitamin A that contained inside the purple bell pepper helping to take care of eyes health, prevent night-blindness and parry the infections.

5. Anti bacterial and anti-fungal effects

Purple bell pepper have  antiseptic that effective to against the poison from the food. Because added with a good supply of proboscis, ferment and fungal infection problems like ring-worm and athlete’s foot can be easily solve.


6. Launching the digestive system

Purple bell pepper have high fiber content and stimulating effect. Also. it’s able to relieve intestines problems such as indigestion, stomach ulcers, diarrhea and flatulence. You can use 3 gram of fiber per cup to regulate digestion.

7. Essential Minerals

Purple bell peppers contains the rich source of essential minerals such as iron, copper, zinc, potassium, manganese, molybdenum, magnesium and selenium. Indeed, the sources used by the body as co-factors for enzymes that needed for healthy metabolism, and are also anti-oxidant substances.

8. Relieve the pain

Inside the bell pepper, there is a compound that called capsaicin. The function of capsaicin is to hamper transmittal of the pain, so it can help relieve the pein to a certain extent. It’s very useful for the people who suffered type 2 diabetes when they feel the pain. Not just that, capsaicin also relieve us from headaches and migrains.


9. Low cholesterol

Purple bell pepper have a high fiber content that help to reduce high level of cholesterol. The concentrated anti-oxidants against the oxidative stress, which is the main cause  in oxidizing the lipids in our blood.

10. Prevent cancer

Purple bell peppers have a very high levels of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients contents to prevent cancers of the bladder, cervix, pancreas and prostate. Vitamin C content, can lower cancer risk and protect our eyes from cataracts, beta-carotene, protect breast cancer before menopause, and lycopene which may decrease the risk for ovarian cancer.

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11. Vitamin A and Flavonoids

Beside anthocyanin, purple bell pepper have vitamin A and Flavonoids. When we are stress or sick, there is free radicals which are toxic substances that can cause cancer. That is very dangerous. But, vitamin A and Flavonoids in the purple bell pepper can protect our body from that.  So, make sure that you consume purple bell pepper regularly or frequently because we often get sick.

12. Alleviate throat’s illness

The anti-septic inside the purple bell pepper is very good. You can make a juice from some purple bell pepper and use that as a mouthwash to cure a sore throat.

13. B-Complex vitamins

Our body is not producing almost whole circuit of the B-complex group of vitamins such as niacin, folate, pyridoxine (vitamin B-6), riboflavin, and thiamin (vitamin B-1). B-complex vitamins help to proper cell function, through various metabolic processes.

14. Prevent nose bleeding

The rich vitamin C content helps to heal, repair, build and make stronger the lining of the mucous membranes to prevent frequent nose bleeds.

15. Increase metabolism

Purple bell peppers increase our body metabolism by lowering unhealthy axunge which are saved inside our body fats. It help to burn calories  and may even help in weight loss.


16. Avoid high blood pressure

When the antioxidative is processing, phytonutrients in purple bell peppers also obstruct the spreading of atherosclerosis and lower the blood pressure. The potassium in the purple bell pepper can balancing the fluids and minerals in the body, so that increase the muscle function and control the blood pressure.

17. Help to warm the cold feet

If you feel cold on your feet, there is an old habit that use purple bell peppers and put them in your socks. The warm sensation will help your feet from the coldness.

18. Anti-aging effects

One of the antioxidant function that is very wanted by most woman is keep our face still look like young. It causes of the antioxidant can save our skin from the damage of free radical.

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19. Avoid blood clots

Vitamin C in purple bell pepper have oxidative content that effective to prevent blood clots, so it can prevent symptoms such as stroke. Beside, vitamin C and B, purple bell pepper also have vitamin K content, that help to the clotting function of blood and prevent the blood loss.

20. Help prevent respiratory problems

The high level of vitamin C added with flavonoids make purple bell pepper is powerful in preventing respiratory problems. This is especially effective for children, who are prone to experience frequent upper respiratory tract infections.

There are 20 benefits of purple bell pepper which can easily to make it a delicious food and without disappearing the benefits. Now, I will tell you how to make a salad with purple bell pepper.

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Purple Bell Pepper Recommendation Intake

Indeed, there are many health benefits of purple bell pepper, now here is the recipe:

Salad Tomatoes Purple Bell Pepper

Ingredients :

  • 500 g Tomatoes
  • 1 Purple bell pepper suit your taste
  • 1 Bombay onion
  • 2 egg’s yellow
  • 4 table’s spoon peanut’s butter
  • 1 tea’s spoon mustard
  • 2 table’s spoon soft sugar
  • 1 table’s spoon vinegar
  • 2 table’s spoon warm water
  • ½ tea’s spoon pepper
  • Salt

How to cook

Slice the purple bell pepper and onions with a circle shape. Then, puree the egg yolk and mix well with peanut butter, mustard, refined sugar, vinegar, pepper salt, and warm water. Arrange the contents of salad in the dish and flush with the sauce. The salad tomatoes purple bell pepper ready to serve.

You also can plant the purple bell pepper by yourself in your garden or you field. This is few important instructions about how you can plant purple bell pepper. A good timing to plant a purple bell pepper is around 8-10 weeks before the end of the spring season. The temperature must be at lease 70 degree F for seed germination. The soil should be at least 65 degree F, as peppers will not survive transplanting at temps any colder. Remember, when you plants purple bell pepper, there is a pests or diseases that can be dangerous for the plant, for example, aphids, flea beetles, etc.

That is all about health benefits of purple bell peppers. I hope this article helpful to knowledge you about natural herbs and spice that beneficial for your body.

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