13 Benefits of Playing Tchoukball (#1 Sports for Team Works)

Tchoukball is one of sports game which is usually held indoor on rectangular field 40 meters long by 20 meters wide. It is played by 2 teams with 9 players on each team. Each team has to bounce the ball to the rebound frame at the end of the field to get the score. There […]

21 Benefits of Overnight Fasting (No.5 Unbelievable)

People are trying so hard to found effective diet method. From using weight lost supplement, exercising, until putting more effort in dieting. Its all sometime bring success but some of them may fail. One of dieting pattern method that we used to heard is fasting. Fasting is a willing to reduce the food intake to […]

22 Vajrasana Health Benefits (No.16 Adult Need)

For those who like to practice Yoga, the word Vajrasana may not sound strange, some of them may even routinely practice it. However for common people who do not know anything about Yoga, Vajrasana word would give no idea at all. This writing would talk about Vajrasana, mainly its benefits for both physical and mental […]

12 Proven Health Benefits of Playing Rugby

Rugby is a physical game high level. The players not only have to be ready physically and mentally, but also must understand the rules of this British sport. Rugby is played on a field with a length not exceeding 100 meters. The length of the goal area is 22 meters. A team of rugby players […]

12 Research-Base Health Benefits of Playing Football

Football is a sport with the largest fans in the world. That means a lot of people who love to watch or play this kind of sport. The history of football as a sport started at 2nd century and the 3rd BC in China. During the Han dynasty, people dribble skin with a small net […]

12 Health Benefits of Not Eating Junk Food (Short & Long Term)

Do you like junk food? If we say yes, unfortunately, there is no health benefits of not eating junk food we can get. But if we are no, we are the most happy people in the world. Because we can get health benefits of not eating junk food. There are three health benefits of not […]

15 Health Benefits of Doing Jumping Rope (No.1 Impressive)

Who doesn’t love jumping rope? I do not know about you people. But, I do. As a child grew in the 90’s, I went to school where we used to play a lot of tag, hide and seek, catch, or hopscotch, which are fun, but nothing beats jumping rope. It is fun, it is simple, […]

19 Health Benefits of Playing Golf (No.3 Impressive)

Golf is considered as an elite sport because the stick costs us millions. Let alone becoming a member of the golf club. Both make us pay such an expensive rate. However, golf gives us numerous benefits. There are 9 health Benefits of playing golf for your health, you must consider that this exercise is useful for […]

10 Health Benefits of Losing 30 Pounds in Short and Long Term

Healthy weight means better shape and to reach that goal required a healthier lifestyle. Having body weight problem is not something that should be taken for granted. Most people prefer to choose instant solution but even the healthiest way to loose pound is not without risk. It is better for you to just reduce the […]

Benefits of Walking for Losing Weight (Know How it works)

You might have known that walking can burns calories. It’s an easy and healthy way of exercising with least price. According to researchers walking can lead to impressive results such significantly reduce diabetes and heart disease, increase bone density, decrease blood pressure, and so on. Another good news: the studies also shows the benefits of […]