Proven Benefits of Gargling Salt Water for Bad Breath, You Won’t Believe This!

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Bad breath is a common annoying problem for most people. Bad breath can indicate that someone does not keep the cleanliness, either it indicates serious infection within the oral tract. The effect of bad breath can influence our self confidence and even our performance.

To get rid off this problem, there are may things offered, from the pharmaceutical medicine or antiseptic, to the natural home remedy. But do you know? There is a simple and affordable way to get rid off bad breath. well, you can solve this problem by regularly gargling with salt water.

Read through and find out more about the benefits of gargling salt water for bad breath.

Salt Water Gargle Value

Salt is a remarkable natural ingredient with bunch of benefits. Especially when it comes to the natural salt. Natural salt contains  the perfect  minerals which is significant to enhance our health. Besides the mineral like sodium, salt also possesses anti-bacterial property. It is effective to fight bacteria. As we know, bad breath is mainly caused by bacteria or infection within oral cavity. Therefore, it is not  a surprise that gargling with salt water is effective to fight bad breath.

The Benefits of Gargling Salt Water for Bad Breath

Salt water gargle can be a smart solution to get rid off bad breath and the other oral problems. It is easy and effective. Here are some of the benefits of gargling salt water for bad breath.

  1. Maintain natural Ph

Besides bacterial infection, too high acidity level in mouth can also cause bad breath problem. The only way to balance the mouth acidity is by maintaining natural pH. And do you know? Salt water gargle is good at it. The normal pH balance can also help the growth of good bacteria within the oral cavity. It means that gargling with salt water can prevent the unwanted bacteria from causing bad breath.

  1. Clear mucus

Mucus is usually generated when we got a health problem such as cough. Besides, some oral infections can also generate mucus. Mucus can be a media for the unwanted bacteria to grow and cause bad breath. therefore, it is better to get rid off the mucus to deal with bad breath. one of the benefits of gargling with salt water is the ability to clean up mucus and solve the bad breath problem.

  1. Fight candidiasis

Candidiasis is a condition when yeast Candida starts to grow within the mouth, throat, and esophagus. This condition may lead to the appearance of white patches around your mouth. What is the correlation of the bad breath? of course the candidiasis is one of the infections contributed to the bad breath problem. So, you can use salt water gargle to deal with candidiasis along with its bad breath problem.

  1. Clean mouth

One of the benefits of gargling with salt water for bad breath is that it can be used as natural mouthwash. It is even better than the mouthwash you usually find at store.

It is possible since salt water gargle is a natural antibacterial mouthwash with no side effect yet provide the optimum result in cleansing your mouth from the foods particle and bacteria. Another natural ingredients which is good at this job is green tea with cranberry in the Health Benefits of Green Tea and Cranberry

  1. Relieve sore throat

Sore throat can also be one of the factors of bad breath. as we know, the most effective remedy for sore throat is gargle treatment. Therefore, you can choose to gargle with warm salt water to relieve the pain and eliminate the side effects such as bad breath. or else, you can also employ the other natural ingredients such as lemongrass to get the Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea.

  1. Ease tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is an inflammation around the tonsils. It usually happens in children. Besides the pain, one of the indications that the children got tonsillitis is the bad breath. in this case, you can use salt water gargle to ease the swollen tonsils while eliminating bad breath problem.

  1. Treat ulcer

Vitamin C deficiency may cause some oral problem, such as ulcer, or canker sore. In this case, you should fulfill the need of Vitamin C For Health. Besides, you can also boost the healing process by gargling with salt water. Not only heal the ulcer, salt water gargle can also help with bad breath problem caused by the ulcer. 

The other benefits of gargling with salt water are:

  1. Treat bleeding gum
  2. Treat oral infection
  3. Prevent gingivitis

Recommendation in Gargling with Salt Water

To get the benefits of gargling with salt water for bad breath, it is better for you to follow some of the recommendations below. Here are the recommendations about how to gargle with salt water.

  • Add half a teaspoon of salt. You can use either table salt or the natural unrefined salt into a cup of warm water.
  • Stir until the salt is completely dissolved.
  • Check the warmth, don’t be too hot as it may burn your mouth.
  • Take a sip and hold in your mouth.
  • Tilt your head back and look up.
  • Gargle the salt water in your throat for abut 30 minutes before you spit it out.
  • Repeat this process until you empty the cup.
  • In case of serious mouth infection, you can gargle with salt water at least every 4 hours.

That’s such an easy and simple home remedy to fight against bad breath which is caused by either mouth cleanliness and infection. It can also be applied to maintain oral health and keep away the oral infection. So how? Do you think you can take benefits of gargling with salt water for bad breath?

I hope so. And in the end, don’t forget to manage your healthy diet. For example, you should eat enough fruit and vegetable to get the Health Benefits of Eating 5 Portions of Fruit and Veg in a Day or the Health Benefits of Meatless Diet.