12 Benefits of Quinoa for Weight Loss – Low Calories Staple Food

A lot of people out there are striving and struggling to find the best solution for weight loss management from intensive weight loss diet program up to impressive workout schedule with one purpose, ideal weight. Unfortunately, one diet program is not always applicable for everyone. Most people are blaming their unhealthy diet habit for their […]

10 Unbelieveable Health Benefits of Lavash Bread

Bread is used as a substitute for rice because this food also contains carbohydrates that can produce energy. However, healthy bread is bread that does not contain excess oil and is also made from natural and healthy ingredients. One of the healthy bread that is recommended is the health benefits of lavash bread. Lavash bread […]

17 Surprising Health Benefits of Black Beans and Brown Rice

Black beans and brown rice or waakye may be prized as African Dietary Heritage. However, this kind of food is actually been a favorite staple food in some countries such South American countries and in Asia, specifically India and Korea. It proves that black beans and brown rice fits with many kinds of dishes. And […]

8 Health Benefits of Eating Borscht Soup

The recipes of traditional borscht are beets and sour cream. It belongs and popular in Ukraine, that also being Eastern Europe cuisines with savory tones. The ingredients of borscht soup and how to cook it are different in every country but however, the health benefits are same as the benefit beets or you can read […]

11 Health Benefits of Eating Egyptian Rice

Rice belongs to daily diet in the most of countries in Asia and Africa including in Egypt or known as Egyptian rice. In addition, it is related to high of complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber in rice, that followed by health benefits of rice or you can read in health benefits of rice and health […]

10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Arrowroot During Pregnancy

Arrowroot is often processed in the form of flour and used as food. Arrowroot is basically a root or a kind of tubers that are processed and extracted to form the flour. The Latin name is Maranta arundinacea. Many important nutrients are found in health benefits of arrowroot during pregnancy and very needed by our […]

9 Health Benefits of Sago Rice (Excellent Source of Energy)

Don’t be mistaken sago rice with tapioca though some people out there thought they are the same thing. Sago rice is a type of staple food derived from the center of certain varieties of palm tree while tapioca is extracted from cassava root. So, in summary they are totally different things though the starchy substance […]

11 Health Benefits of Eating Sweet Potatoes for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have you heard an old saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. Unfortunately, some survey and researches stated different thing that according to a survey conducted in 2011 about 10% of US population are skipping breakfast while two […]

11 Top Health Benefits of Half Boiled Eggs (No.4 is Perfect!)

Half-boiled egg is one of common food that we can find pretty easy everywhere. Some of us like to consume it, but some of us are not. The reason is because half-boiled egg has a bit different taste than the full-boiled one. Another reason why some people don’t like the half-boiled one is because it’s […]

10 Health Benefits of Eating Egg Whites #Top Nutrients Sources

We won’t deny it, nothing start our days better than eggs. We love eggs so much we even have an article dedicated to eggs, which you can learn more from clicking link below. There are plenty of reasons why, but mostly because there are just so many ways to prepare eggs, ranging from boiling, whisking […]