12 Benefits of Quinoa for Weight Loss – Low Calories Staple Food

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A lot of people out there are striving and struggling to find the best solution for weight loss management from intensive weight loss diet program up to impressive workout schedule with one purpose, ideal weight. Unfortunately, one diet program is not always applicable for everyone. Most people are blaming their unhealthy diet habit for their weight gain when the fact is you could do there are a lot of options healthy foods for weight loss. Benefits of quinoa for weight loss have been well known and quinoa is excellent ingredients to be made into healthy, nutrient packed and tasty dishes.

What Is Quinoa?

A lot of people are mistaken about the fact that quinoa is not grains but seeds. Though the appearance is similar to the common whole grains and the way it cooked is also similar to brown or white rice. However, when it comes to taste quinoa has its own unique flavor which is tastier than regular rice or barley. Quinoa derived from flowering plant from the Amaranth family with scientific name Chenopodium quinoa. This flowering plant is originated from the South America regions and has been well known as nutritional staple foods for the locals since ancient time.

Nutritional Value of Quinoa

As the healthier alternative of staple food, quinoa is amazingly packed with some essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals. Some studies also stated that just a serving size of quinoa you could get all the nine essential amino acids. Moreover, unlike the other whole grain staple foods, quinoa is completely gluten-free. The list of benefits of quinoa for weight less below will tell you why you should add quinoa to your daily weight loss foods diet especially during your weight loss program.

  1. Excellent Choice for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So even if you are in an intensive weight loss diet program, skipping breakfast is not the option. The key is choosing food that is excellent for breakfast and quinoa is the best recommendation in this matter. It is high in carbohydrate which is excellent for your energy booster so you could do whatever activities you need to do in the morning without worrying of gaining some weight.

  1. Healthier Alternative for Staple Food

Are you worrying about the nutrients found in your regular staple food such as white rice, whole bread, pasta or other grains that may gain your weight? Perhaps it is the time to stop that kind of feeling because you have quinoa. The reasons why quinoa is excellent staple food will be explained in the next points.

  1. Quinoa Is Gluten-Free

The first reason why quinoa is excellent staple food is because it is gluten-free. It means those with gluten intolerance could consume quinoa without worrying. Right now, specific studies have been conducted in order to create staple foods similar to rice and paste but made from the gluten-free quinoa.

  1. Contains Zero Cholesterol

Quinoa contains zero cholesterol. So, if you have problem with your cholesterol, consuming quinoa will no negative effect instead the fiber found in quinoa will help reducing the high level of cholesterol. In other words, as one of the foods that lower cholesterol level, it is a perfect choice to help managing your cholesterol level.

  1. Super Low in Calories

During weight loss diet program, calories are not something you should avoid completely but instead calories are something you should reduce. Quinoa contains enough calories for you without worrying about gaining some weight.

  1. Perfect Protein Source

If you want to go completely vegan for weight loss, quinoa is the best choice in this matter because it is very high in plant-based protein content. Protein is essential to build the muscle mass which could help you managing your ideal weight and also your ideal shape. There is no point of losing weight without building your body shape.

  1. Packed with Potent Antioxidants

Antioxidants have essential role in managing your ideal weight and losing some weight. Free radicals are also one of the reasons why people are struggling in losing some weight. Antioxidants will help eliminating all the worst effect of free radicals for your body.

  1. Contains Anti-Depressant Properties

Believe it or not, but stress could be the trigger of weight gain. If stress is the root of the problem, before you finding a way to lose some weight, you should deal with your stress first. Quinoa contains anti-depressant properties that could help you relieving your mind as well as your soul and then weight loss will follow suit.

  1. High in Fiber

Compared to other staple foods or whole grains products, quinoa is among the foods that are high in fiber. There are a lot of health benefits of fiber and one of them is for weight loss. Fiber will make you fell full longer and fiber also prevents you to consume more calories.

  1. Contains All 9 Essential Amino Acids

Some foods are containing some essential amino acids. However, quinoa is not only having some amino acids but all the 9 essential amino acids. That is why quinoa is excellent source of plant-based protein food.

  1. Has Low Glycemic Index

Surely you have known that all foods that are having low glycemic index are great for weight loss. Moreover, quinoa is also excellent for those who have been diagnosed with certain types of diabetes especially type 2 diabetes to help them losing some weight and increase the insulin sensitivity.

  1. Packed with Important Minerals

Minerals like iron and magnesium is essential in metabolism. If you want to have ideal weight, you have to make sure to have healthy body metabolism. The health benefits of iron and magnesium are essential in optimizing the distribution of nutrients and oxygen to prevent excessive stock of fat that could lead to weight gain.

Cautions of Quinoa

Though quinoa is one of the healthiest foods in the world but still there are some points you should aware of quinoa especially when your purpose is to lose some weight.

  • As mentioned above, quinoa is excellent choice for breakfast. The reason is because it is packed with carbohydrate. That is why if are in specific low-carb diet, adding quinoa to your diet is not recommended.
  • For those who have been diagnosed with certain kidney problem should avoid quinoa as well because this food contains oxalates that could disturb the absorption of certain minerals especially calcium.
  • Quinoa may be low in calories and glycemic index that make this food is great for weight loss. However, you should make sure that you don’t add more calories from other foods you consume along with quinoa because if you do, your weight loss program is going to be nothing.

Overall, there are a lot of people have proven quinoa to be excellent choice for weight loss diet though there is no specific study has been conducted. However, the fact that quinoa is low in calories and rich of fiber are enough reasons for you to add this food to your daily diet because the benefits of quinoa for weight loss are not only helping you losing some weight but also helping you managing your ideal weight.