10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Arrowroot During Pregnancy

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arrowrootArrowroot is often processed in the form of flour and used as food. Arrowroot is basically a root or a kind of tubers that are processed and extracted to form the flour. The Latin name is Maranta arundinacea.

Many important nutrients are found in health benefits of arrowroot during pregnancy and very needed by our body. Some types of nutrients include:

These important nutrients are also very good for pregnant women. So the arrowroot is also good enough recommended for consumption by you who are pregnant. Here are the benefits of arrowroot for women who are pregnant.

  1. Good for baby’s brain growth

Folate substances contained in arrowroot is needed by infants in the mother’s womb. This substance plays an important role in baby’s brain growth. So the baby will be born healthy and there is no problem with the health of his body.

  1. Overcoming nausea

Usually, pregnant women experience nausea when the first trimester there is even a continuation until the third trimester. Arrowroot can be one alternative solution to overcome nausea. Read more: benefits of vitamin B6

  1. Maintain the digestive system

The content of fiber in arrowroot is very good for the health of the digestive system. If the digestive system is healthy, then the absorption of essential nutrients for the baby in the womb will be smooth. Read more: health benefits of tabouli salad

  1. Maintain healthy skin

The larger the abdomen of a pregnant woman is usually accompanied by an itching of the skin because the abdominal skin will be attracted during the enlargement process. Moisture on the skin is very important so that the stomach does not feel itchy and tight. Arrowroot Starch is a material commonly used for moisturizing and powder on the skin.

  1. Energy sources

A pregnant woman desperately needs extra energy. Arrowroot bulbs with protein, fat and carbohydrate content can be the main ingredients that provide energy to your body.

  1. Streamlining the blood circulation

The health of the blood circulation system in pregnant women is very important. Iron content in arrowroot is very good for the smooth circulation of blood.

  1. Boost the immune system

If a pregnant woman is exposed to a virus or bacteria that can cause pain, it will be quite serious for the baby in the womb. Arrowroot has a lot of minerals and protein that can increase body resistance.

  1. Good for baby and mother development

As pregnancy enters the age of the second and third trimester, the baby’s development will take place very quickly. This requires the formation of new cells in the body. High protein in arrowroot is very important in the formation of body cells.

  1. Maintain bone health

The need for high protein in infants, if not obtained from food, then, can take from the bone. This will adversely affect bone health. Arrowroot has the highest amount of protein among other tubers so it is great for maintaining bone health.

  1. Ward off free radicals

Riboflavin contained in health benefits of arrowroot during pregnancy can be an antidote to free radicals because of its antioxidant properties. Pregnant women who are free of disease will be very good also for the baby.