10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Arrowroot During Pregnancy

Arrowroot is often processed in the form of flour and used as food. Arrowroot is basically a root or a kind of tubers that are processed and extracted to form the flour. The Latin name is Maranta arundinacea. Many important nutrients are found in health benefits of arrowroot during pregnancy and very needed by our […]

All Unexpected Benefits of Arrowroot Powder in Deodorant

For over 7,000 years, the ancestors have used arrowroot for various things. Ranging from good thickeners in puddings, sauces, to veggie burgers. Arrowroot is made from a root system that is made like flour. However, it is now largely replaced by cornstarch and arrowroot slowly being abandoned. Apparently, arrowroot is not only used in food […]

10 Super Health Benefits of Arrowroot Tea and Recommendation

Some people might not familiar with arrowroot tea. It is commonly called as kudzu tea. This tea is a traditional Japanese and Korean tea. The tea made from East Asian arrowroot. Not only freshness, but there are some health benefits of arrowroot tea. Therefore, several people looking at this and even try to cultivate it. […]