14 Proven Benefits of Pandan Leaves on Skin Health

Pandan is a famous plant originated in Asia which usually used for food because of its distinctive aroma. People who like to cook or people who know much about food would be familiar with the plant. The plant which comes from the genus of screwpine (Pandanus) has many species which one of them that usually […]

15 Proven Benefits of Papaya Seed for Skin Whitening

Today, as popular as it’s been in a while, world population dream skin is pinkish white with bouncy and little slimy texture. Women, or even man, do really love to maintain or improve their skin by anything healthy. For making a perfect skin that everyone dreams of. Beauty products, all out sell in everywhere. Nutrition […]

20 Miraculous Health Benefits of Ghee For Skin

You might only know ghee as the healthier substitute for your butter or oils. Well indeed, this clarified butter is very healthy to be used as it only contains the healthy fats. Therefore, using this Indian butter is considered to be safe for those with some health problems related to the high blood pressure and […]

8 Health Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits and Nuts For Skin

Dry fruits and nuts are known in packed with many of important nutrients for overall health. With small packages, they are high in proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. From the benefits for skin to medicinal benefits, dry fruits and nuts give will be a great option to the diet. Here are the lists of […]

6 Health Benefits of Ridge Gourd for Skin and Generally

Ridge Gourd is dark green, tapering and ridged kind of vegetable. The exterior of ridge gourd is dark green with white spongy pulp inside. Others name of Ridge Gourd are Turai in Hindi, Luffa acutangula, turiya, beerakai, dodka Sponge gourd or Chinese Okra, where it also grow in Asia, Africa, in the Middle East until […]

5 Health Benefits of Ice Cubes for Face #1 Beauty Tips

White and clear face with no acne is always a desire of many people, but what if it turns out there is a pockmarked face? Of course very unfortunate, because pockmarked can make the face look less attractive. The cause of pockmarked is various, such as: As a result of smallpox virus attacks Due to […]

20 List of Fruits for Healthy Skin #Natural Treatments

Do you know how much money most women have spent for cosmetic and skincare? Well, this article is not going to answer that question but since the cosmetic and skin care industry is still alive and well until today, you could guess that the money that flows to this business is a lot. Why don’t […]

12 Health Benefits of Cilantro on Skin (Top #1 Beauty Tricks)

Cilantro is a kind of herb originated from the cilantro plant (Coriandrum sativum), which also produces seeds commonly known as coriander, used widely as spices for cooking. Cilantro blooms and harvested annually, and has to be replanted upon being harvested. The herb itself is identified by the green colored and citrus flavored leaves. Cilantro has […]