20 Miraculous Health Benefits of Ghee For Skin

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You might only know ghee as the healthier substitute for your butter or oils. Well indeed, this clarified butter is very healthy to be used as it only contains the healthy fats.

Therefore, using this Indian butter is considered to be safe for those with some health problems related to the high blood pressure and cholesterol level, just like coronary heart.

However, ghee is miraculously able to provide you health benefits of ghee for skin. So, keep reading up and you’ll find the reasons why you should include this clarified butter into your skin care.

Nutritional Information of Ghee

We can say that ghee consist of only the good part of the common butter. So yes, it contains only the beneficial nutrients that are able to presents the health benefits of ghee for skin and even for overall health. In each tablespoon of ghee, we can obtain the following value:

  • Calories 112
  • Carbohydrate 0 g
  • Protein 0 g
  • Fat 12.7 g
  • Fiber 0 g
  • Vitamin A 391 IU
  • Vitamin E 0.4 mg
  • Vitamin K 1.1 µg

Health Benefits of Ghee for Skin

The nutrition value contained in ghee makes it possible for us to have the health benefits of ghee for skin. By using ghee as your home skin care, you can get the following benefits:

  1. Vitamin E powerhouse

Ghee mostly consists of fats. However, it is also known for the good amount of vitamins in it. One of the vitamins with the good amount in ghee is vitamin E. As we know, viyamin E is the ultimate nutrition for our skin health. From the nutritional information, it can be inferred that the consumption of one tablespoon of ghee is able to fulfill the 2 percent of our daily value.

  1. Good moisturizer

If you suffer from severe dry skin, you should know that ghee is actually a great moisturizer. Our skin sometimes becomes very dry, especially in the frozen temperature. And you have ghee in your kitchen cupboard, you can simply take a bit of it, rub it all over your skin, and massage gently to get your skin soft and supple.

  1. Keep skin glowing

You can also employ ghee as your regular lotion. It will keep your skin glowing. There’s no more dry and dull skin by regularly applying this Indian healthy butter on your skin. In addition, it is also very safe to be used regularly.

The health benefit can also be obtained from the Health Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Skin or the Amazing Benefits of Using Coconut Oil as Body Lotion.  As we know, oils had been used as skin care to keep your skin glowing from long ago, before lotions are exist. 

  1. Maintain youthful skin

As we know, ghee contains a good amount of vitamin E. we know that vitamin E is the essential vitamin for skin as it helps slower aging. This is the reason why we often find vitamin E in a high concentration in anti-aging creams or supplements.

Vitamin E is potential in aiding the cell regeneration, therefore the damaged cell will quickly replace by the new cell and it keeps your skin youthful and wrinkle free.

  1. Treat chapped lips

Not only beneficial for your body skin, ghee is also effective to bring back the natural moist of your lips. Yes, chapped lips are a big trouble especially for women, as it will contribute to your unpleasant look. You cannot even apply your favorite lipstick properly. The essential fats in ghee treat the chapped lips very well just in no time. Solving this problem, you can pleasantly apply your favorite lipstick back.

  1. Reduce dark circle

One of the Health Benefits of Ghee Butter for skin is the ability to reduce the annoying dark circle. Dar circles may be caused by some internal factors such fatigue, dehydration, and anemia. However, the treatment of dark circles can be carried externally. In his case, you can simply apply this clarified butter lightly before you go to sleep. You’ll have the amazing result in the next morning.  

  1. Treat burns

If you aware of the health benefits of ghee for skin, you might have known the ability of ghee to treat burns. Just like the Health Benefits of Local Raw Honey  in treating burns, applying ghee directly onto your burns area will help you relive the burning sensation in the wound.

Applying ghee on burn wound will also boost the recovery process as ghee reduce the inflammation in the wound and repair the cell damage effectively.

  1. Stop bleeding

In Ayurveda, ghee had been used for ages as a topical ailment to treat bleeding on scars. Sometimes, in pregnant women, their navel bleeds without any exact reason. In this case, ghee is able to present as the scar treatment to stop the bleeding and boost the healing process. In addition, this non-chemical home remedy is definitely safe for pregnancy.

  1. Healthy facial mask

As ghee come in a solid form, we can use this as the healthy facial mask. We just need to clean our face, apply the ghee all over the face skin, and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

The next, you can wash your face using the warm water. It will leave your skin soft and radiant. Another natural ingredient you can use safely as facial mask is honey. You can add lemon to boost Benefits Of Honey And Lemon Mask For Face.

  1. Remove chicken pox scars

Chicken pox is a virus many people experience it once of a lifetime. Chicken pox causes an itchy fluid filled rash all over the body. And the most annoying thing besides the itching is that it leaves scars. The more severity of the disease, the more scars you may get.

But don’t worry, in this case ghee is able to offer you the solution. Among the natural ingredients with the ability to remove scars such white tea and its Health Benefits of White Tea for Skin, ghee can also effectively help you flatten and further remove the scars.

  1. Nourish scalp

The ability of ghee to present the health benefits of ghee for skin are not limited to the ability to treat body and face skin. It can also be used to treat scalp. The dry scalp may lead to the unwanted dandruff come over your shoulders. But by applying ghee on your scalp, that will never happen. Ghee nourish your scalp without make it too greasy.

  1. Brighten skin

Brighten skin is one of the Health Benefits of Ghee Indian Clarified Butter for skin. By employing some milk as the combination, you can use them as a facial mask. Apply the mask regularly to have your skin brighten.

The other health benefits of ghee for skin are:

  1. Treat herpes
  2. Potential natural skin salves
  3. Treat rashes on baby
  4. Lighten dark lips
  5. Fight cellulite
  6. Reduce the effect of varicose veins
  7. Recommended for body massage oil
  8. Improve blood circulation

Recommendation in Using Ghee for Skin

You can have the health benefits of ghee for skin whether you take it orally or as topical treatment on skin. You can also use the ghee directly or by making a solution of ghee with some water so that it is easier to apply.

However, the most important thing in using ghee for its health benefits is by paying attention to the storage. It is important since the improper storage may degrade the quality and the benefits of ghee. Therefore, you have to store ghee in a perfectly closed container. Ghee may last in 2-3 months if you keep it in an air tight container.

Be careful on the storage place, since the dark place or the place with indirect sun light is better to store ghee. This way, you will be able to obtain the miraculous health benefits of ghee for skin or for your overall health.