5 Health Benefits of Ice Cubes for Face #1 Beauty Tips

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White and clear face with no acne is always a desire of many people, but what if it turns out there is a pockmarked face? Of course very unfortunate, because pockmarked can make the face look less attractive.

The cause of pockmarked is various, such as:

  • As a result of smallpox virus attacks
  • Due to wounds deep enough for sharp/dull objects
  • Due to chronic and inflamed acne
  • Due to skin diseases such as prolonged boils
  • Itchy due to itchy bacteria as a result of the use of cosmetics containing hazardous materials

Pockmarks can also be caused by other things. But many women or men who rely on advanced technology to go to a famous beauty clinic to remove these pockmarks that certainly not only takes a single time once came and your pockmark will be lost instantly, but many times come with a lot of costs.

Health Benefits of Ice Cubes for Face

Wow! there are ice cubes that can be relied upon to improve the quality of your facial appearance, especially those with pockmarks. Here are the stunning advantages of ice cubes to someone with a pockmark on the face:

  1. Fixed the damaged face structure

Unsuitable cosmetic use can cause skin tissue to become damaged and form an irritated basin. The irritation that has been healed will leave a trail of pockmarked and tends to darker than actual skin color. This makes the face look unclean because pockmark always looks like wide spots and make uneven face color.

How to do it :

Apply lime water around the pockmark and let it stand for 30 minutes, then compress face with ice cubes previously wrapped with a small handkerchief or thin towel. Compress on pockmarks that have dark colors regularly before going to bed and after waking up in the morning. The face will always be fresh and dark color on pockmark will gradually fade. Remember lime water can lighten skin that has black spots while ice cubes help speed up the process of black spots faded on pockmarked.

  1. Cure acne without leaving pockmarked

Acne that experienced severe inflammation will leave traces of a wounded pit that will become transformed into pockmarked. Acne that is not treated with the right treatment will leave scars that make the face unattractive.

 Health Benefits of Ice Cubes for Face and How to do it :

Apply turmeric water on pockmark then let it stand 10 minutes then wash face using ice water or rub ice cubes on all face then repeat again some time. Do it everyday in the morning after waking or the afternoon after the move for the former pockmark can be faded and when the pockmark has been dimly visible then the quality of your facial appearance will be better. (Read also : Benefits of tamarind water)

Remember that turmeric has high vitamin C content and acts as an anti-inflammatory and can fade uneven color on pockmarked, while ice cubes provide support to accelerate uneven color fading on pockmarks.  

  1. Improve skin collagen

Pockmarks will always be visible even when you are finished wearing makeup, this is due to the size and color of the pockmark striking rather than the original color of your skin. Pockmark cannot be removed 100 percent because pockmarks occur due to scarring that has been about the deepest skin tissue but can be flattened pockmarked, faded so that the appearance can be disguised so that the appearance of the face is always beautiful. (Read also: benefits of egg yolk)

The easiest way is:

Apply a mashed tomato on face and make a mask. Wait for 20 minutes then clean with a spread of ice. After that re-apply the existing pockmarks with honey (not on the whole face). Wait for 30 minutes then re-apply ice cubes several times. Repeat this unique way every day until the pockmark condition is really amazing that the pockmark shrink, look flat and completely disguised. Remember tomatoes contain lycopene and vitamin A and C high that can repair the deepest skin damage, including pockmarks.

  1. Accelerate the process of color fading and pockmark shape

Daily activities often make facial conditions easy to oily, dull, dirty, and face look tired. This condition can make the facial condition that has a pockmark look more unattractive. Faces that are undergoing the process of color fading pockmarks and the reduction of pockmarked forms using alternative therapeutic treatments, for example, would be useless if the face still looks tired, oily, and dirty due to free radicals.

The easiest way is:

Apply ice cubes every time you feel tired, because when the body feels tired then the condition will be tired. Ice cubes can refresh and relax the nerves around the face and also can accelerate the process of color fading and shrinking pockmarks if indeed someone is doing alternative therapy on his face. For example acupuncture therapy. (Read also : benefits of frozen fruit)  

  1. Decrease the skin pores

If the pores of the facial skin shrink then the existing pockmarks also shrink and fade so that the face looks cleaner. Lime or lemon water can shrink the wide pores, but there are other, more powerful ways to make your face pores closer together by combining lime/lemon water with old strawberries.

The easiest way is:

Make a mashed strawberry mask that has been smoothed and sprinkled with a little lime water. Let stand for 20 minutes after that apply ice cubes many times. Repeat this way every day to keep the pores smaller and make the pockmark shape smaller. Pockmarks that shrink can create a more flat skin color effects such as not having a pockmarked.

Do not put ice cubes on the surface of the facial skin for too long!

There are many health benefits of ice cubes for face. Ice cubes are proven to refresh tired and dull skin, but it is not advisable to put ice cubes on the surface of the facial skin for too long, this is to prevent blood flow around the face is not disturbed. Apply ice cubes throughout the face surface but do not stop for too long in one place only. Ice cubes that are too long on the surface of the skin can cause delicate nerves and blood vessels around the face will be depressed, stopped momentarily, and halting due to the temperature which is too cold.

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