Scientific Facts of Health Benefits of Red Wine vs Grape Juice

A glass of wine has the symbol of good moments, whether it is for a celebration of success, a gathering with friends or a romantic dinner date with your partner. In the meantime, the appearance of the red wine is often mistaken as “grape juice”. Indeed, red wine is sometimes referred to as the “grape […]

10 Benefits of Red Wine for Skin Health to Keep Smooth and Silky

It is amazing fact that benefits of red wine for skin health also can result a smooth and silky skin. This is proving that red wine not only good for the body and mind, but bring advantage for the skin appearance too.  Therefore, it is good to try using the red wine for skin treatment. […]

11 Unexpected Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine Before Bed

Just like coffee and tea, a glass of wine has the symbol of good times, whether it is a gathering with friends or a romantic dinner date with your partner. Despite being a symbol of elegance and romanticism, there are also others who associate wines with drunk-ness. But do you guys that the health benefits […]

7 Benefits of Red Wine in Pregnancy – Safe of Not?

It is understandably difficult to restrain ourselves from drinking red wine during social events, especially when you are pregnant. You may have heard the notorious effect of alcohol on the baby during pregnancy, but you might also be wondering at times when you could not help not drinking, whether a little sip of red wine […]

14 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Red Wine

Dark chocolate and red wine are the most romantic combination of gift. Valentine may have passed but giving gift to someone you love could be done anytime and anywhere. A romantic candle light dinner with a loved one will be complete when the red wine served with the company of dessert made of dark chocolate. […]

22 Benefits of Red Grape Vinegar (#1 Great for Weight Loss)

Red grape vinegar has been widely used as part of food recipes due to its unique flavor and taste. The vinegar will offer unique acidity and flavor to the dish. However, since red grape vinegar is very low in calories, it also has been used as part of weight loss program which is one of […]