14 Proven Benefits of Pandan Leaves on Skin Health

Pandan is a famous plant originated in Asia which usually used for food because of its distinctive aroma. People who like to cook or people who know much about food would be familiar with the plant. The plant which comes from the genus of screwpine (Pandanus) has many species which one of them that usually […]

10 Super Health Benefits of Boiled Pandan Leaves

Pandan leaves is one of the plants that come from Southeast Asia. This plant has a distinctive aroma. Especially if this leaves mongering. Health benefits of boiled pandan leaves have been widely used in such things as for cooking and other household necessities. This leaf can also be used as an ornamental plant by putting […]

6 Unexpected Health Benefits of Acanthaceae for Herbal Cure

Acanthaceae or pandan leaves have a lot of health benefits for your body. It grows mostly in South East Asia that usually grow wild in the garden. In some country like Indonesia, Pandan leaves used as ingredients for traditional food.  It smells good and which can increase your appetite. Unexpectedly, you can find lots of […]

24 Health Benefits of Pandan Leaves (No.1 Surprising You)

Pandan leaves is some plant that mostly grow in southern Asia and usually grow wild on your garden. In some country such Indonesia Pandan is one of the needed ingredient to make traditional or even daily food so that it can taste more delicious. It’s fragrant also smell good and rise your appetite. Health benefits […]