10 Amazing Health Benefits of Locust Beans

Nuts are one of the foods highly recommended by health experts to be consumed. Therefore, these foods contain high fiber and also some other nutrients. One of the famous bean types has many benefits is locust beans. Locust bean is a kind of nuts commonly used as a spice for soups and stews. These beans […]

17 Research-Based Health Benefits of Almonds for Diabetes

We have known almonds for a species of nut which go very well with many foods. It adds a delicious nutty taste to your stew and stir fries. It gives crunchy sensation in your salad. And the most people favorite, it adds delicacy to your dark chocolate. Not only amazingly delicious, almonds and dark chocolate […]

16 Health Benefits of Jugo Beans You Never Known Before

Sometimes we think that healthy nutrient can only be obtained from superior ingredients such high quality meat, deep sea fishes, or the rare fruit. Sometimes we never notice that the ingredients around us can be beneficial for our health. Likewise, Jugo beans which are originated from West Africa are commonly sold in traditional market around […]

15 Incredible Health Benefits of Sword Bean #Best for Diet

For you guys who loves to eat various kind of beans, you must be familiar with sword beans. Sword beans in the food form is known as a snack while relaxing, because it has a delicious and tasty feel in our mouth. In Indonesia, there are three kinds of sword beans that is usually consume […]

15 Scientifically Health Benefits of Grains and Pulses

Several types of grains and pulses are tasty, delicious and nourishing natural foods. Grains and pulses are generally served in different ways for cooking purposes. Commonly edible pulses include Filbert nuts, pine nuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, pistachios, hazelnuts, and peanuts, which are from beans. Grains are generally also good to eat including pumpkin seeds, […]

Get The Health Benefits of Bunya Nuts for Remedies!

Bunya nuts are from the bunya pine found in Queensland, Australia. In addition, you can also find these bunya nuts in Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia. Bunya nuts have a sweet taste when cooked, and taste like potatoes or chestnuts. To remove the wooden shell that coats the nuts you just have to […]

25 Unimaginable Health Benefits of Nuts and Dried Fruit

Nuts are an alternative food that is highly recommended for regular consumption. In addition to make full faster, nuts are also low-calorie grain types that will not make your body become fat. Several types of nuts that exist, you can consume directly or you can process in order to taste more delicious. Many health experts […]

10 Unexpected Benefits of Tahitian Chestnut

Tahitian Chestnut is a fruity fruit that grows in rural or residents’ yard. This fruit has the characteristics of hard skin, small to medium fruit size, green skin color when raw and yellow-brown when cooked. This fruit contains some good nutrients for the body, such as: Vitamin C Flavonoids Fiber Tahitian chestnut has many benefits […]

13 Proven Health Benefits of Red Adzuki Beans For Growth

Some of you night now that red adzuki beans is one of the food that native to East Asia and Himalayan region. This beans also commonly consume in the other parts of the world, including in Asia. You might ever consume red bean soup in the restaurant. This should be the same kind of food. […]

10 Super Health Benefits of Chewing Areca Nut

Areca nut is one of the ingredients to make betel. Benefits of health benefits of chewing areca nut have been known long ago by ancestors. At a glance, the areca nut tree has the same shape as the coconut tree. However, the areca nut is smaller in size than the coconut. This fruit also does […]