Get The Health Benefits of Bunya Nuts for Remedies!

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Bunya nutsBunya nuts are from the bunya pine found in Queensland, Australia. In addition, you can also find these bunya nuts in Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia. Bunya nuts have a sweet taste when cooked, and taste like potatoes or chestnuts.

To remove the wooden shell that coats the nuts you just have to boil the bunya nuts. As there are many Health Benefits of Nuts that we can find, you will also get the health benefits of bunya nuts as you consume them.

What is the nutritional content of the bunya nuts?

Bunya nuts have nutrients similar to those of chestnuts. Bunya nuts contain 40% of water, 40% of complex carbohydrates, 9% of protein, 2% of fat. In addition, bunya nuts also contain minerals that comprise of Benefits of Potassium and magnesium. Bunya nuts have no gluten, so these nuts are very suitable to be made into flour for consumption by people who have gluten intolerance.

What are the health benefits of bunya nuts?

Here are the health benefits of Bunya Nuts you never known:

  1. Antibacterial

A study showed the results that extract of bunya nuts has anti-bacterial properties. Thus, bunya nuts have the ability to be used as an additional substance in foods that serve to slow the decay of foods that normally caused by bacteria. In addition, with these properties of bunya nuts may also be used to inhibit foodborne illness.

Instead of using chemical preservatives, people can start using these nuts to preserve food, because of their natural addictive properties. In the medical field, the anti-bacterial properties of bunya nuts may also be useful for use as antibiotic or anti-microbial agents.

  1. For cooking

Bunya nuts have different sizes and shapes. Some of the nuts are white and have small and round shapes. The others have a brown color and oval shaped. The brownish bunya nuts have a soft texture, but the white bunya nuts have a coarse texture. We will know that the nuts are ripe as they fall on their own to the ground.

Bunya nuts have a rough and hard shell and also not easy to open, unlike other nuts, Health Benefits of Walnut. After you extract the nuts, you can store the nuts in water for a few minutes to get rid of the thin skin.

The best way to cook bunya nuts is by boiling them. The nuts can be cooked for 30-45 minutes. To get a taste of salty and savory, some people also add salt water when boiling bunya nuts.

Reminder about the bunya nuts

If you want to store the nuts, the best way is to freeze the nuts in the shells. To prevent mold, keep it in a dry place and away from direct sunlight. Or, you can also store it in the refrigerator. Although there are some health benefits of bunya nuts, you need to remember that the yellow core inside the nuts can cause some people to get sick. So, before consuming it, you should remove the yellow core from the nut.