10 Super Health Benefits of Chewing Areca Nut

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areca nutAreca nut is one of the ingredients to make betel. Benefits of health benefits of chewing areca nut have been known long ago by ancestors. At a glance, the areca nut tree has the same shape as the coconut tree. However, the areca nut is smaller in size than the coconut. This fruit also does not have as much meat as coconuts.

Areca nut also has nutrients needed by the body, for example:

  • Arecaidine
  • Arecolidine
  • Guvaceline
  • Guracine

With the nutritional content of the fruit, the benefits you can get by consuming it are:

  1. Prevents dysentery

The areca nut keeps the salivary glands out constantly. This saliva can prevent dysentery. Not only that, Sjogren’s syndrome can also be prevented in health benefits duhat leaves

  1. Can strengthen teeth and gums

This is one of the secrets of ancient people to have strong teeth and gums. This is because they are very fond of eating areca nuts. The trick is sliced the nut, then chew. read more: health benefits xylitol for teeth

  1. As a worm medicine

This fruit also has other properties as a worm medicine. To make this herb, you need ¼ areca nut, temulawak ½ finger, and turmeric ½ finger. Boil all ingredients until done. Then strain and drink the water. or try health benefits of dhania water

  1. Treating wounded skin

Some of the content in betel nuts can speed up wound healing. In addition to easy to obtain, the price is cheap, this drug is also easy to make. Find young betel nut, finely crushed. Then stick it on the wounded skin

  1. Myopic eyes

The blade of the eye far or near can be cured with this fruit. as long as they consume regularly. You just need to chew the betel nut meat, then swallow the water. The content of the areca nut can be absorbed directly into the body and powerful as medicine myopic eyes in health benefits of taurine for eyes

  1. Prevent cavities

This fruit has anti-bacterial properties that cause cavities. Therefore, people who like chewing betel nuts have teeth intact and not hollow. Other problems that exist in the teeth can be cured with this fruit or try benefits of pineapple

  1. Therapy for Schizophrenia

According to NIH, in the initial study, there was an improvement of symptoms in schizophrenic patients while chewing areca nut. However, NIH also found that pinang can produce side effects of tremor and stiffness

  1. Good for mothers giving birth

Pinang is also used to reduce bleeding in mothers who have just given birth. How to boil the betel then drink the water

  1. Treating skin diseases

Similarly, treating wounds, areca nut can also treat skin diseases such as scabies. Grate young pinang, mixed with whiting and a little water to form a paste. Then apply on the skin

  1. Cures diphtheria

Diphtheria is a contagious disease. For that required fast handling. One of them uses this fruit. gargle with steamed betel nut that has been dried 3 times a day until diphtheria healed


You should stop taking health benefits of chewing areca nut if the pain is healed because the areca can cause anemia if consumed constantly.