Unexpected Health Benefits of Pork Lard – Vitamin D Source

Wait a minute, Lard? As in the fat, both rendered and unrendered, from pigs? Isn’t it sounds like a heart attack or 10 pounds of instant weight gain? Not so fast. For centuries it was a staple ingredient in the cooking of people from a vast array of cultures, and recently, lard has come back […]

Top 22 Source of Vitamin D Foods in Earth (No.1 Shocking)

Vitamin D is one of some most popular vitamins among others. It is well known as a vitamin functioning well in keeping the health of bone by supporting the calcium absorption in the body. Other than that, vitamin D also plays a very important role in optimizing the absorption of nutrition of fosfor. Fosfor and […]

3 Serious Side Effects of Taking Too Much Vitamin D

Vitamin D has important role in optimizing the absorption of calcium and phosphorous. The lack of it could affect more than 2,000 genes in your body. Vitamin D naturally could be easily obtained from the direct exposure of the sun not more than 10 minutes a day but it is not all, with recent lifestyle […]

15 Vitamin D Deficiency Health Risks : Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

Every morning, basking under the sun directly provide many benefits. Besides warm the body, the beautiful sunshine in the morning also contains a lot of energy. For plants, sunlight is needed in the process of photosynthesis. As for our bodies, the sun is a source of vitamin D. Sunlight also effectively kills micro-bacteria. Vitamin D […]