21 Health Benefits of Venison #1 Top Weight Loss Tricks

Venison or known as deer meat is raised by human hands called the wild game. As a fact, it is the most popular game meat. In view of consuming this kind of meat, it might be the best way to raise farmed venison in range way to practice the venison sustainability. On the other hand, […]

20 Proven Health Benefits of Red Meat for Brain, Skin & Eyes

Red meat actually has high nutrient contents that are beneficial for health. However, some people become anti to consume red meat as they call red meat is bad for health. One is triggering high cholesterol. Is it true that red meat is bad for our health? The answer depends on how we treat it. If […]

20 Health Benefits of Cow Tongue (no.14 Sounds Impossible but True)

When it comes to organ meat like cow tongue, some people prefer to avoid it in all cost. First, most of them don’t like the idea of having cow tongue in their dinner table. Second, as it contains the high of cholesterol level. However, surprisingly aside from the cholesterol content, there are a lot of benefits […]