Health Benefits of Vietnamese Sandwich (Healthy and Tasty)

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Banh Mi or Vietnamese Sandwich could be a great option for a healthy treat. This sandwich is unique not only in the taste and the combination, but also in the type of the bread used. It uses typical Vietnamese bread with crisp crust, yet soft flesh. Banh Mi is also packed with good nutrients due to its meaty and veggie combination.

Vietnamese Sandwich Nutrition Value

Since Banh Mi sandwich is consisting of bread, meat, mayonnaise and vegetables, it is surely quite high in calories. The bread itself has 202 calories per serving, added with 143 calories from the chicken breast if you roast it with no skin.

Moreover, mayonnaise has a role adding around 45 calories making you full after eating one serving of Vietnamese sandwich in the morning. You don’t need to worry by adding mayonnaise to your sandwich because there are some health benefits of eating mayonnaise in the right amount.

The good news is Banh Mi sandwich only contains around 7 grams of fat and rich of protein. If you still doubt to start eating this great food, here are some more benefits of Vietnamese sandwich that would make you add it to your daily healthy food.

  1. Packed with Protein

There are many health benefits of chicken salad sandwich that make people prefer this food for lunch or dinner, and one of them is the rich protein from the chicken itself. Protein makes you feel full while adding mass to your muscle.

Especially for those why try to shed some pounds of their weights, chicken is a great option for creating your own Vietnamese sandwich. Although the classic Banh Mi is made with thin roasted pork, you can actually replace it with chicken since all you need is the nutrition, not the original layer of the sandwich. Chicken is much better and healthier.

2. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

When you taste crunchy texture from Vietnamese sandwich, you can blame it to the fresh carrot. Carrot is known for its vitamin A that is good for the eyes, but this vegetable also contains potassium, vitamin K and vitamin B6.

3. Weight Loss Management

Not only from the chicken used in the sandwich, the fresh and crispy cucumber also aids in managing weight since it is rich in fiber, low in calories and high in water content. It keeps you from hunger and dehydration for the same time.

Due to its nutrient content, you can even eat cucumber at night and you can learn the health benefits of eating cucumber at night to even make you sure that this is an awesome option for a snack or a main meal.

4. Immunity Booster

With the use of Daikon Radish in Banh Mi sandwich, you can also get a great immune booster since daikon is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is well known in its function for boosting the immune system that is frequently attacked by the free radicals. So don’t skip this veggie from your homemade Banh Mi sandwich.

5. Blood Pressure Regulation

If you love spicy foods, you can add as much as jalapeno as possible to your Vietnamese sandwich. Jalapeno is more than a flavor enhancer, but this is a nice blood pressure regulator thanks to its richness in flavonoids.

Cautions of Vietnamese Sandwich

Remember to always use chicken instead of pork for your Banh Mi sandwich if you still care for your health. Pork meat contains parasites that could harm you. No matter how famous this meat all around the world, avoid it.

Also, Banh Mi sandwich shouldn’t contain too much mayonnaise especially if you use the commercial one. This commonly only has very little nutrition and contains unhealthy fats. To vary your daily meals, try Greek Salad since there are some health benefits of Greek Salad you can gain.

Recommendation Intake of Vietnamese Sandwich

Taking Vietnamese Sandwich too much can make you take too much calories because one serving of Banh Mi sandwich has about 400 calories. So it could be a great option for lunch or breakfast and you can eat just one serving a day.

Aside the sandwich, try salad for dinner because some benefits of eating only salad for dinner include it is low in fat and high in nutrients due to the freshness of vegetable.

 So, have you decided to make your own Vietnamese sandwich? If you do, make sure you have the best ingredients to make the sandwich not only healthy, but also tasty at the same time. You don’t really need to make it classic as long as the unique taste combination from the fresh vegetables, sauces and bread are still there to enjoy.