10 Surprising Health Benefits of Pulled Pork You Never Know

There are many techniques or methods of cooking that have been developed by the chef. Those various ways of cooking are developed to make people do not get bored with the usual ways. People can vary their cooking ways such as sautéing, baking, frying, deep frying, roasting, and many more. This article will discuss about […]

Top 7 Health Benefits of Sirloin Steak – Animal Protein Source

There are a lot of people who decided to avoid steak due to health reason. Well, the fact is meat is the most excellent source of animal protein. Moreover, meat especially served for steak is the healthiest one because they were served without fat and chosen from the best part only well known as sirloin […]

23 Health Benefits of Hydrolysed Beef Gelatin for Overall Uses

Before we discuss the health benefits of beef gelatin, let’s first get to know closer to gelatin. Gelatin is a solid substance that is clear, tasteless, colorless and brittle in dry condition. Gelatin is obtained from animal collagen that can be found in fibrous tissue attached to bone and skin. Collagen in this tissue is […]

10 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Oxtail #1 Cooking Tips

Oxtail or gravel is part of the cartilage that wraps the bones and cow’s toes without the hairs that are attached to it. Oxtail of ordinary cows we find in various types of domestic dishes such as noodles, satay, soup, soup, and much more. Nutritional Content of Oxtail Nutrition Information Portion Size: 100 grams (g) per […]

3 Unknown Health Benefits of Monkey Meat

In Indonesia, Monkey is a kind of animal that is protected by government. We are avoid to hunt this species and eat it. But, in some region in Indonesia like Sulawesi, Lampung, Medan, West Java, even Jakarta, many monkey meat has been sold as fresh meat or foods where it is roasted or grilled. Monkey […]

15 Unimaginable Health Benefits of Python Fat

Snake is one of the reptile reptiles that we often find frightening and very dangerous because it has a deadly poison. Not only one, the snake has several species such as pythons, cobras, green snakes, and sea serpents. All kinds of snakes have their own characteristics. And some types of snakes are also very dangerous […]

11 Great Health Benefits of Eating Quail Meat

Quail is a kind of birds that has a small body like chick and it can not fly so high like the other birds commonly.  In the market, there are many quail meat that sells for consuming people. This bird has Latin named Cortunix. Commonly, many people consume its meat and eggs. Quail is cultivated and […]

8 Unexpected Health Benefits of Gecko You Should Know

Gecko is a kind of reptiles which live at home like lizard. Gecko looks like lizard, but it is bigger than lizard. It also has green or yellow spots on its body. As same as lizard, gecko has skill to mimicry or it can drop off its tail to trick its enemy. Gecko’s bite is […]

13 Unknown Health Benefits of Dog Meat (Pros and Cons)

There are many health benefits of eating dog meat, but no many people know about it. Today, dog meat is still became pro and contra because some people won’t to consume it. Behind that pro and cons, dog meat has many health benefits for our body. But not at all people know about that, so […]

13 Unexpected Health Benefits of Eating Pigs

Pork is a kind of meat that is very popular in west and east people especially non-Muslims. Because Islam avoid to consume this animal for Muslim. But, based on the research, there are health benefits of eating pig like beef. Pork texture is almost as same as beef. Because of that, some who never consume […]