4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Chia Seeds for Toddlers

When toddlers have difficulty in eating and the parents want their baby to have a proper weight, they need to remember that the intake is always in accordance with the nutritional needs of the child. The origin of gaining weight with unhealthy foods such as fast food is also not justified because it can add […]

Health Benefits of Jalebi Fafda – Amazing Breakfast from India

Gujarati people celebrate Dussehra festival by consuming and offering special foods in order to remind Hindus the victory of goodness over the evil. Among those foods, jalebi fafda is considered the trademark dish for both the offering and their common breakfast menu. But behind this tradition, there are actual health benefits of jalebi fafda that […]

Health Benefits of Vietnamese Sandwich (Healthy and Tasty)

Banh Mi or Vietnamese Sandwich could be a great option for a healthy treat. This sandwich is unique not only in the taste and the combination, but also in the type of the bread used. It uses typical Vietnamese bread with crisp crust, yet soft flesh. Banh Mi is also packed with good nutrients due […]

Health Benefits of Turkey Sandwich for Your Daily Meal

If you are bored of the classic chicken sandwich served in every of your lunch, why don’t you try to switch it with turkey? Worrying about the protein? Turkey has a lot of protein content, around 32 grams in every 4 ounces. More amazingly, turkey is low in cholesterol and fat, making it a healthier […]

20 Super List of Superfoods and Health Benefits You Should Know

Surprisingly, people are more familiar to the term of junk foods instead of super foods. Super foods are type of foods that are considered to be super due to the nutrient contents. So, all foods are supposed to be packed with nutrient contents and why some foods are considered to be super and the others […]