8 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Shampoo and How to Make It

Aloe vera is one of an incredible medicinal plant that contains many of nutritional benefits and followed by important or essential nutrients. The nutrients in aloe vera are such as vitamin A, C, E and many more, including minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates and antioxidants. The plant is a part of the lily family […]

5 Health Benefits of Avocado Oil for Your Hair

Most of oils are derived from the seeds or you can read in health benefits of ocotea essential oil and health benefits of drinking flaxseed oil, but it is not for avocado oil. The oil comes from the pulp of Persea Americana fruit or usually known as avocado. The high smoke point of that oil […]

10 Top Benefits of Halo Shampoo for Beautiful Hair

Halo shampoo is one of the leading shampoo products in the world that is very good for your hair’s health as a family. Global warming is happening nowadays affects the increase in the temperature of the earth as well as the entry of dangerous light radiation for you. The part of you that has the […]

7 Unknown Health Benefits of Seaweed for Hair Tricks

Seaweed has been known as part of Asian diet for the longest of time particularly in Japan, Korea and China. There are over 10,000 kind seaweeds as well as immense diversity of the flavor and nutrients. In addition, nori is the most known seaweed that is dried in sheets and you can find commonly in […]

Rise and Shine with The Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Hair

Olive oil has long known by the mankind for a long time ago. Back in the date of 8th century BC, Neolithic people had tried to use it as meals, and sometimes skin and hair treatment. Firstly, people used the wild olive tree that grew mainly around the Mediterranean. Somehow, there is no strong evidence […]

5 Surprisingly Magnificent Benefits of Mayonnaise on Hair

Mayonnaise is one of the most famous products in your kitchen that have a lot of health benefit for you. The mixture of vegetable oil and white egg with emulsifier has a lot function in your kitchen. You can use it as dressing, sauce, or filler in your cooking. Somehow, it has surprising health benefits […]

12 Health Benefits of Almond Oil For Hair and How to Use it

There are many Benefits of Almond Oil for Health and Beauty, both when it’s rawly used or when it’s processed. Almond has a scientific name Amygdalus communis, and widely cultivated in Middle East and Southeast Asia. Almonds are commonly group as nuts, but actually, it belongs to the drupe group, drupe refers to a fruit […]

5 Benefits of Washing Hair with Aritha (Natural Treatment)

Hair is a part of our body which sometimes need a specific treatment to make it healthy, shining and have no-dandruff. Beautiful hair sometimes consider as a representative of the beauty, thus making people (mostly women) willing to spend their time to treat it. People use shampoo or any other traditional concoction to wash the […]

10 Benefits of Apple For Hair (Top #1 Natural Treatments)

Still in the theme about health benefits, now we will talk about benefits of apple for hair. Meanwhile, apples (Malicus domestica) is a fruit plant that has a sweet taste with a lot of water content to give freshness as it passes through the throat. The skin of the fruit is red, green and yellow […]

Is Olive Oil Good for Your Hair ?

Olive oil has been around in the market for so long, it is renowned for its healthy properties as opposed to many other natural oils, such as palm oil. Containing a lot of good fats, olive oil comes from the fruit of Olea europaea, a traditional tree grown across the Mediterranean Basin. It is of […]