5 Health Benefits of Soaking Hands in Hot Water for Pain Relief

Soaking in hot water has many benefits to reduce the pain, improve the blood circulation, and any related psychological issues like the stress, and sleep problems. It also reduces the inflammation in your hands due to arthritis. Getting your hands swollen will hamper you doing the daily tasks. Some people leave the carrier and hobbies […]

5 Benefits of Washing Hair with Aritha (Natural Treatment)

Hair is a part of our body which sometimes need a specific treatment to make it healthy, shining and have no-dandruff. Beautiful hair sometimes consider as a representative of the beauty, thus making people (mostly women) willing to spend their time to treat it. People use shampoo or any other traditional concoction to wash the […]

10 Benefits of Washing Hair with Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar

Modern people are likely to implement the “back to nature.” Some of them consider that it is better to use traditional way in their daily consumption product because of the chemical substances that affecting the health they want to ignore. Therefore, the use of natural products or item in daily needs improves. For example, people […]

7 Health Benefits of Indonesian Bay Leaves You Need To Know

Indonesian bay leaves used as a spice; both dried or fresh, in many cuisines such as curry, soup, and stews. The botanical name of this plant is Syzygium Polyanthum which is rare to find outside Asian countries. Indonesian bay leaves tree grows up to 25 meters in height. The leaf gives a slightly bitter taste […]

5 Proven Benefits of Juniper Berry For Skin (No.1 Works!)

Juniper berry is an evergreen shrub which is different from the other berries such as blueberries, cranberries, and so on. People most often use it as a spice or medicines. The juniper tree identified by its thick and needle-like blue-green leaves, short reddish-brown logs, tiny yellow flowers and blue or black fruits (derived from the […]

6 Superb Health Benefits of Salal – Nutrients Value

What on earth is Salal? Salal is a type of berry ( Gaultheria shallon) also called as shallon or gaultheria is native to North America. Salal shrubs grow to 5 feet tall with the evergreen which is the thick, sturdy, egg-shaped leaves, and the berries have the dark blue color. The plant is edible from […]

8 Tremendous Health Benefits of Tayberry

Tayberry named after the River Tay in Scotland and patented by Derek L. Jennings of Dundee, Scotland. Then the Scottish Horticultural Research Institute released it to the public. The sweet, cone-shaped fruit is a cross between the blackberry and red raspberry it can be planted in your garden since the shrub plant adapted to many soils with the sufficient […]

7 Miraculous Health Benefits of Java Coffee

Java coffee produced in Indonesia is favorite around the globe. It is not only because of its unique taste but also its powerful aroma which can bring happiness to people who smell it. Have you ever wondered what makes you feel relieved after drink a cup of Java coffee? It was the caffeine contained in coffee. […]

10 Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese and Flaxseed Oil

Cottage cheese is a soft, white cheese made from curds. It’s popular as a dairy product which excellent for the low-fat diet. There is also a high-fat version that becomes favorite but, the low-fat option is far famous. Cottage cheese can be served as a chip dip, mix in fruit salad, replacement of mayonnaise spread […]

7 Health Benefits of Horseradish for Weight Loss

Are you familiar with wasabi, mustard, cabbage, or broccoli? If so, it might be surprised you that horseradish (Armoracia rusticana) is has a close relation to them. Horseradish is a member of Brassicaceae family. This root vegetable originates from the southern Europe and western Asia which mostly used as a spice in the west and […]