Benefits of Garlic Shampoo for Hair Treatment That You Didn’t Know!

We’ve known that garlic is a spice that has many benefits. It can make the dish taste amazing, but it’s also beneficial for health. Whether using it orally or topically, garlic has been proven to heal any kind of health issues. The health benefits of garlic are because of the sulfur compounds formed when a […]

Benefits of Gugo Shampoo for Natural Hair Treatment

Gugo or Gogo (Entada phaseoloides) is a climbing vine living wild in warm climate forests. Its bark, seeds, and vines have any kind of uses in folk medicine. This plant is a large woody vine (liana) that climbs high in forest canopy with thick stems. Those stems are usually twisted like a corkscrew reaching to as […]

Benefits of Ganozhi Shampoo and Why You Should Buy Them Now

Are you going on a date with someone special? Guess what, ladies; men do care about your hair! Neither the style nor the color; men pay attention to its health. The problem is, not many women take care of it correctly making the hair looks oily, flat, and dull. Don’t worry! DXN, an affordable brand, […]

Benefits of Ketoconazole Shampoo for Healthy Hair Treatment

Do you feel itchy around your scalp almost every time? Do you notice that your scalp is flaky? Are there some white thingies on your shoulders every time you wear dark color t-shirt? If your answer for all of those questions is yes, you might suffer from seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis. Even though not all […]

9 Valuable Benefits of Loreal Clay Shampoo – Best Hair Treatment

Hair that routinely shampooed is a sign of healthy lifestyle and good hygiene. In contrast, hair that is not washed with shampoo or other hair treatment may not look good. According to hair experts, you should use shampoo at least one time per three days to keep your hair healthy, look good, and smell good. […]

Benefits of Purple Shampoo for Hair Health #Beauty Tricks

Got your blonde hair ready for summer? Wait, what? Is your hair becoming brassy? Well, it isn’t a good thing to hear. There are some reasons your hair gets brassy as explained below. 1. Natural hair pigment When hair is getting a lightening treatment, an underlining pigment of pale yellow exposes in the hair. That condition […]

Proven Health Benefits of Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth

Taking care of the body is an obligation for all people. Each part of the body needs particular care and cannot be treated similarly with other parts, especially the hair. This part of the body needs the particular vitamin to keep it healthy, for instance, the vitamins got from the Rosemary as you can read […]

11 Unbelievable Benefits of Horse Shampoo for Human Hair Health

When you hear “horse shampoo”, you might think that it is a shampoo for horses. If you think so, you are right. Horse shampoo is the type of shampoo that is indeed made for the horses. However, the shampoo is not only for the horses, it can also be used for us humans. Horse Shampoo […]

5 Health Benefits of Rosemary Shampoo for Natural Hair Treatment

Rosemary is a herb that nowadays can be used to be main ingredients for some beauty and health products. Some people use rosemary to garnish their food or to give some smell and flavor to it. Rosemary is originally from Mediterranean region. It is woody, needle-like leaves and white, purple, blue, and pink flowers. Other […]

5 Health Benefits of Tea Tree Shampoo for Natural Hair Treatment

Who doesn’t know tea tree oil? Nowadays, many product use tea tree oil to be their main ingredients for their product especially for beauty products. There are many skin care, body care, even hair care using tea tree oil to  be the main ingredients. You can find lots of product using tea tree oil because […]