31 Science-Based Health Benefits of Olive Leaves Extract

This entire time people may have known numerous benefits of olive oil extracted from the fruit. However, there is another part of olive plant or Olea uropaea that also have numerous benefits especially for human health. That part is the leaves of olive. According to several studies, Olive leaves contain many health benefits. Actually it […]

15 Health Benefits of Olive Leaves Tea You Should Know

Most people thanked olive tree as the oil from the fruit gives us many benefits. For example, we have heard the Proven Health Benefits of Olive Oil. Yes, the olive oil is extracted from the olive fruit. However, some of us might never know that the olive leaves are actually beneficial. Well, the leaves do […]

15 Benefits of Applying Olive Oil On Skin #1 Beauty Treatment

Olive oil is a fat or oil obtained from the grinding of olive tree fruit. Oil derived from traditional plants in the Mediterranean region contains fat, vitamin E, vitamin K, and very little iron. Related articles: Health Benefits of Olive Oil Health Risk of Hydrogenated Oil Health Benefits Tea Tree Oil Skin Current olive oil […]

Is Olive Oil Good for Your Hair ?

Olive oil has been around in the market for so long, it is renowned for its healthy properties as opposed to many other natural oils, such as palm oil. Containing a lot of good fats, olive oil comes from the fruit of Olea europaea, a traditional tree grown across the Mediterranean Basin. It is of […]