7 Surprisingly Great Health Benefits of Drinking Olive Oil

The benefits of olive oil have been known for a long time because of its natural potential. Its content can now be found in a variety of beauty ingredients, as you can see in the benefits of hair massage with olive oil, and also often used as a substitute for palm oil for stirring and […]

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Olive Oil During Pregnancy

Essential oils are natural oils that are extracted from a certain type of plant, usually this oil is obtained from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits. Essential oils are usually used as aromatherapy which are believed to have various benefits for the health of the body. People may also get some benefits from it, […]

Benefits of Hair Massage with Olive Oil for Natural Hair Treatment

Choosing natural hair treatment is still one of the things most people still consider to do if compared to expensive professional treatment. The main reasons are because it is simple, cheap and good for hair with no side-effect. One of the natural ingredients commonly used for hair treatment, especially hair massage is olive oil. This […]

10 Health Benefits of Garlic Infused Olive Oil (No. 3 is Best!)

We know that garlic and olive oil are the healthy ingredients. In this article, we will talk about the health benefits of garlic infused olive oil. This one can easily be found in stores and online shopping. In another hand, it is known that the oil is valuable to promote the body health. It is […]

9 Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Weight Loss

Are you on diet? Then, Is your diet healthy? It is known that the healthy diet comes from the great food consumption. It includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Not only for that, it should also include the high-fiber foods as well. In this case, we will talk about one ingredient which is the extra […]

What Are the Health Benefits of Taking Olive Oil Daily?

Olive oil in ancient world also known for ‘liquid gold’. The liquid is almost used in cooking shows therefore it is very popular in the taste of some foods. However, it is also popular because of the health benefits, which is as same as other oil or you can also read health benefits of macadamia […]

Rise and Shine with The Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Hair

Olive oil has long known by the mankind for a long time ago. Back in the date of 8th century BC, Neolithic people had tried to use it as meals, and sometimes skin and hair treatment. Firstly, people used the wild olive tree that grew mainly around the Mediterranean. Somehow, there is no strong evidence […]

5 Health Benefits of Olive Oil on Hair and Skin for Your Beauty

Olive has been long used in humans’ diets for centuries. Historically, there are many traces that the Neolithic people in the 8th Century B.C have taken the health benefits of olive oil for a long time ago. Furthermore, you can find that olive become one of the most blessed fruits stated in Bible and Koran. Actually, […]

10 Benefits of Applying Olive Oil on Baby Skin

Olive oil, is the original Mediterranean oil made from olive tree, of which widely grown up in Mediterranean. Based on the research done by many researchers for years, olive trees can grow and live long for more than 500 years by 50 meters tall in their original habitat in Mediterranean. Olive oil is one of […]

15 Benefits of Applying Olive Oil On Skin #1 Beauty Treatment

Olive oil is a fat or oil obtained from the grinding of olive tree fruit. Oil derived from traditional plants in the Mediterranean region contains fat, vitamin E, vitamin K, and very little iron. Related articles: Health Benefits of Olive Oil Health Risk of Hydrogenated Oil Health Benefits Tea Tree Oil Skin Current olive oil […]