5 Benefits of Washing Hair with Aritha (Natural Treatment)

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Hair is a part of our body which sometimes need a specific treatment to make it healthy, shining and have no-dandruff. Beautiful hair sometimes consider as a representative of the beauty, thus making people (mostly women) willing to spend their time to treat it.

People use shampoo or any other traditional concoction to wash the hair. Here, you will find tips to get the best hair by using Reetha (Sapindus Mukorossi). Also,  you may see the same benefits of Aloe vera. But first, let’s find out what on earth the Reetha is and how it could give you incredible benefits for your hair.

What is Aritha or Rheeta?

The botanical name is Sapindus mukorossi; it is famous as the ritha or reetha. It is a deciduous tree grows in Himalayan which can produce 30–35 kg of fruit annually. Since decades, Aritha used as the cleanser and insecticidal and medicinal purposes. Aritha contains with saponin; a chemical compound in many plants which produce the foam when it combines with water; which makes the Rheeta also known as the soap nut.

What’s the Benefits of Aritha for Hair? 

Rheeta benefits for your hair is super and there are many benefits of washing hair with aritha.

It can make your hair looks:

  • shiner,
  • silkier,
  • and healthy.

Not only that aritha can make your hair healthier:

Rheeta has natural antibacterial and antifungal. It keeps your scalp free from dandruff and prevents hair loss. There are no side-effects in spite of using it daily which is not with the chemical shampoo. It also can act as the surfactant for the use of cleaning jewelry.

To use it as shampoo, you’ll need to make a simple concoction that will be provided to you below.

How to Make Reetha Shampoo:

  1. Take about 15 to 16 soap nuts
  2. Remove the seeds
  3. Grind the seed completely.
  4. Put the pounded Reetha seeds in the iron container
  5. Add around six cups of water into it
  6. Leave the reetha (soapnuts) to soak for about eight hours to overnight
  7. Remove the reetha (soapnuts) in the morning by straining the mixture
  8. Boil the liquid before leaving it steep throughout the night. When it begins to heat, make it possible for the compound to simmer for approximately 10 to 15minutes.
  9. It would become more concentrated as much you will simmer the liquid.
  10. Remove it from the gas or heat source and leave it to soak overnight as the process is mention above.

Also, you may get the same benefits in jackfruit, pawpaw leaves or ginger.

How to Make Reetha Paste for Hair

You could also use Reetha powder to wash your hair by powder dried reetha nuts powder and blend it with Shikakai powder and add a little hibiscus powder for the best results. It is a more convenient method as you can make a jarful of this mixture and use it for over a month. This process saves your time more. Also, the powdered form of all these ingredients is readily available for those who cannot make time.


  • Soaking reetha in an iron container provides black glowing effects to your hair.
  • Leaving reetha overnight assures that saponin compound of reetha is taken out.
  • Keep it in a sealed container, thus making you can use your homemade shampoo whenever you want.

Meanwhile, you can get many benefits of washing hair with aritha.