7 Unknown Health Benefits of Seaweed for Hair Tricks

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Seaweed has been known as part of Asian diet for the longest of time particularly in Japan, Korea and China. There are over 10,000 kind seaweeds as well as immense diversity of the flavor and nutrients.

In addition, nori is the most known seaweed that is dried in sheets and you can find commonly in sushi. Other varieties are dulse, arame, wakame, kelp and spirulina. Moreover, those kinds of seaweeds you can also find within much of health benefits of roasted seaweed. The benefits of seaweed including:

  1. Cures cancer
  2. Prevents obesity
  3. Prevents diabetes
  4. Protects heart
  5. Acts as eye care
  6. Acts as hair care
  7. Acts as skin care

From those benefits, seaweed is effective to promote our healthy hair. It helps in maintain healthy hair due to high of mineral nutrient. It supports in make the root strong, thick and lustrous, so it has been used in manufacturing of shampoos, hair creams and in list herbal beauty products. Furthermore, here are the details of nutrients in seaweed which is related to all of the benefits especially for hair:

Nutrients Value per 100 g Seaweed

  • Water – 4.68 g
  • Energy – 290 kcal
  • Protein – 57.47 g
  • Total lipid (fat) – 7.72 g
  • Carbohydrate – 23.90 g
  • Fiber, total dietary – 3.6 g
  • Sugars – 3.10 g
  • Calcium – 120 g
  • Iron – 28.50 mg
  • Magnesium – 195 mg
  • Phosphorus – 118 mg
  • Potassium – 1363 mg
  • Sodium – 1048 mg
  • Zinc – 2.00 mg
  • Vitamin C – 10.1 mg
  • Thiamin – 2.380 mg
  • Riboflavin – 3.670 mg
  • Niacin – 12.820 mg
  • Vitamin B-6 – 0.364 mg
  • Folate – 94 µg
  • Vitamin A, RAE – 29 µg
  • Vitamin A, IU – 570 IU
  • Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) – 5.00 mg
  • Vitamin K (phylloquinone) – 25.5 µg
  • Fatty acids, total saturated – 2.650 g
  • Fatty acids, total monounsaturated – 0.675 g
  • Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated – 2.080 g

The nutrients value based on USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), with the details health benefits of seaweeds for hair are:

  1. Gives hydration to your scalp

When the scalp is hydrating, it will prevent you from embarrassing and uncomfortable conditions such as dandruff, eczema and seborrheic dermatitis. The conditions due to dry scalp and you can treat it by taking seaweed. To make it more hydrating, drink a plenty of water is recommended. It will hydrate your scalp including all of your skin from the inside.

  1. Supports in increase hair mineralization

One of the health benefits of seaweed for hair is to increase mineralization. It will lead your hair thick, which also has been proven by study from Korean University.  For those who want thick also healthy hair, consume seaweed supplement or capsule is easier than you have to cook the seaweed. Moreover, the price of supplement and capsule is very affordable. 

  1. Makes hair grow stronger and rebuilt itself

Studies found that benefits of marine algae or seaweed are to grow your hair faster as well as makes it stronger. It is due to iron that helps to increase blood circulation also for oxygen throughout the body. The growth of your hair will increase and abundant oxygen-rich in blood support in healthy and supple hair and skin. Or you can read in health benefits of watermelon hair for growth.

  1. Removes toxins and heavy metals on the scalp.

The alginates act as detoxifies agents which remove toxins and heavy metals from the scalp. Furthermore, it will make your scalp clear also prevents it from several conditions. It has been scientifically proven by a study from McGill University in Canada. In addition, it is not only for seaweed, but also you can find in green stuff.

  1. Acts as hair conditioner

Seaweed contains vitamins A and C in order to produce sebum where it works for natural hair conditioner. It will make your hair soft and smooth where you can combine with other hair treatment to make your hair healthier.

Some of health benefits of seaweed for hair are probably related to women, where women tend to take care of their hair. For other skin and hair treatments, you can read in benefits of rosewater and benefits aloe vera beauty.